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Friday, February 4, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, February 4, 2011


Glenn said that:
  • The last few days, the media has been saying that I’m telling these things about Egypt to frighten you.  Not true. 
  • I’m telling you these things so you can be prepared. 
  • If you haven’t been frightened yet, you will be.

Glenn discussed the Fox reporters that were attacked by an angry mob in Cairo.  Other reporters were also attacked as well.  Many protesters say they hate America and want us dead.  This is not a group of people just wanting democracy.

Sharia Law

Glenn discussed Sharia Law and honor killings. 
  • Honor killings are common in the Middle East. 
  • They have come to America as well.  Two honor killing cases went to court last month. 
  • What would it take to get killed – mostly girls and women –
·        Dress inappropriately
·        Marry by choice
·        Ignore an arranged marriage
·        Have sex outside marriage
·        Even non-sexual relationships that are perceived as inappropriate
·        Being gay
·        Can be flogged or stoned to death.  Videos are available on the Internet.
  • If you are caught stealing, they cut your hand off.  This is what groups like the Muslim Brotherhood want.

Islamic Socialism

  • Glenn addressed this yesterday and asked if the audience would look up Islamic Socialism and learn about it.
  • Eight out of the top ten searches on Google were Islamic Socialism or other show related terms.
  • This is an old idea, but new to America.
  • The media has never investigated it.
  • The media and the Left call this program crazy, but they never tell you the facts.  Glenn says he provides the facts in their own words.
  • He showed video of several Leftist speakers at rallies condemning Israel, calling for violence.  The entire video is available at ( ).   It’s about six minutes long.
  • Another video taken in 2008, showed a young Egyptian man describing how two generations have been trained and mentored in tactics and he hoped to see the revolution soon.  Glenn noted that this just didn’t happen last Thursday.  They have been schooling socialists and Islamists for years.
  • To show part of the coordinated actions, he showed video of a live demonstration currently going on in Times Square, sponsored by the Leftist group, International Answer.

Glenn then discussed a bit about Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dorn of the Weather Underground and that the group’s view that they were willing to execute twenty five million Americans to achieve their goals.  And still the media doesn’t tell you any of this.

In Egypt, polls report:
  • 82% say adulterers should be stoned to death
  • 77% say thieves should be flogged or their hands cut off

He showed a map of the State of New York with Long Island off the southern coast.  He said that they are about the relative sizes of Egypt and Israel.  He wondered about the people of Israel and what they must be thinking about the events going on in Egypt.

The Economy

The current job numbers show that this is the lowest number of people employed in thirty years.  This is why politicians aren’t boasting about the drop in the unemployment rate (which went down to 9%).

Religious Guidance

Guest - Dr Zuhdi Jasser, President of American Islamic Forum on Democracy
  • Glenn commented that Dr Jasser is the only one he has heard telling them.
  • Glenn asked Dr Jasser about the current spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • Dr Jasser replied that the one they respond to:
    • A little over 80 years old.
    • He reaches over 80 million Muslims per week on Al Jesera.
    • Has a web site that he gives fatwas, or religious rulings to.
    • America has been asleep to the creeping growth of secular fascism and the theocratic fascists.
  • A video was shown of this cleric calling for the killing of all Jews during a religious ceremony.
  • Another video of the spiritual leader of political Islam was shown.  The English translation had that Hitler put the Jews in their place and the next time he hopes it will be by believers (Muslims).

A War of Ideas

Dr Jasser discussed
  • Islamic Socialism as a theocratically controlled population and that ideal has been growing. 
  • This is a war of ideas. 
  • Egypt may be the event that gets us involved in this struggle that is like that of opposing the communist ideology in Eastern Europe.
  • In this country, the Muslim organizations are non-violent, but are working to expand the Muslim influence throughout our culture.

Strategic Importance of Egypt

He is an expert on the Middle East and Shia Islam.

Mr. Rosenberg discussed the importance of Egypt.  The Shia want two sites in the Middle East:
  1. Jerusalem, in Israel
  2. Median, in Saudi Arabia

A map of the Middle East and North Africa was shown.  They colored in the countries that are having demonstrations.  Those countries surround Saudi Arabia and Israel.  Iraq is an island of stability in the region.

In Egypt, the prices are up.  In America, 6% of our income goes for food.  In Egypt and the poorer Middle Eastern countries, it’s 60% of their income, and prices are rising.  He had a list of commodities on the chalkboard and how those prices are growing over time.

Mr. Rosenberg said that President Obama should not go with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Dr Jesser thought we needed to go forward with our American principles and try a long-term strategy to transform the Middle East.

It’s clear that the structure was built and they were waiting for the right conditions.

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