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Friday, February 25, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, February 24, 2011

A Day of Rage in Saudi Arabia

A “Day of Rage” protest is now set for March 11th in Saudi Arabia.  That wasn‘t supposed to happen.  If Saudi Arabia stops oil production, it is estimated that oil will skyrocket to $240/barrel.

Scheduling Conflict Delaying Libya Announcement

Glenn showed a video clip of President Obama’s Libya talk.  The president said the delay in issuing a public announcement was due to a scheduling conflict.  Glenn said a review of the President’s schedule shows Obama rescheduled everything on his agenda to coach his daughter’s basketball team – because the regular coach had a scheduling conflict.

No Mention of Quaddafi by Name

Glenn then showed a clip of Obama mentioning Mubarak multiple times in his pronouncements on Egypt, but not mentioning Quaddafi by name at all in his Libya announcement.  He then played a video clip of a Tim Russert interview of candidate Obama asking about Reverend Wright and Louis Farrakhan and their visit to Quaddafi in Libya.

Top Down/Bottom Up/Inside Out

  • The people in this administration believe in a “Top Down/Bottom Up/Inside Out” transformation.
  • Where does the “Bottom Up” part come from?  How about inflating our money to drive up food prices worldwide?
    • Glenn then showed an article from the Wall Street Journal noting that central bankers around the world are saying, “The Federal Reserve is Causing Turmoil Abroad” because of food price increases.
  • The unions have the solution.
    • Glenn held up the report from February 2010 from the AFL-CIO Solidarity Center on Egypt calling for a 10,000 person sit-in to mobilize and rise people up to establish new unions.
    • In August of 2010, the AFL-CIO gave its union award for the first time to a foreign union – in Egypt.
    • The Egyptian unions, in return, are sending pizzas to the demonstrators in Madison, WI.
    • Glenn then showed a video clip of the President of the Egyptian union pledging solidarity with the demonstrators in Madison.
    • Protests are now appearing in Delhi, India over high food prices.  Glenn showed a BBC News article “Thousands protest against high food prices in Delhi.
    • Glenn then showed a video clip of a Delhi demonstration with signs from a number of unions and communist organizations.

The American Dream

  • Glenn then held up a book, “The Epic of America”
  • Glenn then showed the Huffington Post article written by Van Jones, “Introducing the ‘American Dream Movement’”.
  • Glenn then showed a video clip from July 18, 2008 at the Netroots Nation conference.  
    • Van Jones was the keynote speaker at that event.
    • Also there was La Raza, The Islamic Center of America, NAACP and the AFL-CIO.
    • A speaker at the conference defined their vision of the American Dream as a progressive vision of collective action.
    • Glenn discussed how progressives are redefining words, phrases and concepts to meet their own objectives.
    • The strategy advocated in a video at that conference was to increase the number of union members.
    • Glenn discussed how this increase might happen…
      • By raising government workers salaries so far above the private sector wages that people would be lining up for government jobs.
      • By passing health care legislation that would make it almost impossible for companies to do business.  Then, because you are at the top, you can issue waivers for unions and others you favor to exempt them from that legislation.
  • He then showed a video clip of Reverend Jesse Jackson in the Madison, WI statehouse with the demonstrators leading a prayer that, in part, asked God “…to preserve the integrity of the American Dream.”
  • He then showed part of a Joint Statement from the WI AFSCME leaders…
“We stand for the rights and freedom of all Americans to collectively bargain for their piece of the American Dream.”
·        He then showed an article from the Daily Kos, February 23 “Ohio: The Next Wisconsin”
“This fight is not about public employees.  This fight is not even about unions.  It is about Americans standing up to defend the American Dream from soulless multi-national corporations and their political goons.”
·        He then showed an article from
“We call for emergency rallies in front of every statehouse this Saturday at noon to stand together to save the American Dream.”
·        He then discussed how the unions and progressives knew this about the emphasis on the American Dream back in 2008, but now the media is portraying it as spontaneously appearing at all these rallies.  Not likely spontaneous.

Group Relationships

Glenn had a chalkboard with the logos of various radical groups on magnetic cards mounted in rows, about 30 of them. 
·        Next to each card, he placed another magnetic card with indicators for those that were connected to
o       Communists (10 each),
o       Van Jones (4 each) and
o       George Soros (18 each). 
·        Glenn admitted that it was possible that all these groups could have spontaneously come up with these same themes at the same time but, he noted that there was a great deal of interrelationships among the key players that made coordination a more likely possibility.

Fight Song

Glenn then played SEIU’s new ‘fight song’; “Take them Down” by the Dropkick Murphys.  Them, in this case, was “the boss” of wherever you worked.


  • Glenn then discussed union violence and showed video clips of demonstrators being confrontational and violent. 
  • Also, how the media is not featuring these activities while, at the same time, searching high and low for violence at Tea Party rallies without finding any. 
  • In addition, after the Giffords shooting, there was supposed to be a new civil tone.  He asked if those clips looked civil to you, the viewer, and where was the media reporting?
  • Glenn noted that these protests around the world have unions and communists in common and, many times, Islamic extremists.
  • Glenn then showed the 2007 video of Andy Stern, until recently President of SEIU saying…
o       “Workers of the world unite.  It’s not just a slogan, it’s going to be the way we have to do our work.”
    • He then went on to discuss how they, the SEIU, is working with other unions around the world.

George Soros

He showed a February 20th video of Fareed Zakaria interviewing George Soros on CNN.
Fareed asked
  • “You have said that revolutions usually start off with enthusiasm, but end up in tears?”  Mr. Soros agrees.
  • “You foresee a rise in interest rates in the U.S. which will kill growth?”  Mr. Soros agrees.
  • “You foresee a danger of state or municipal default?”  Mr. Soros agrees.
  • Later in the interview, Mr. Soros refers to himself as a “puppet master” and “manipulator”.

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