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Friday, February 25, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, February 25, 2011

The Perfect Storm

               Economy – War – Extremist Islam – Border
            Energy – Political Correctness – The Enemy Within

Glenn noted that Hezbollah has been working with the drug cartels along the southern border.

Defenders of Our Way of Life?
Glenn asks where are the defenders of our way of life?  Who is talking about a Republic?  A free market system?

We are at a tipping point.  We see protests in Wisconsin spread from state to state.

Country’s Flaws

Glenn discussed how determining our flaws, pulling them out and working on them makes you stronger.  His Mormon faith believes that.  He then listed some national flaws we need to deal with.
  • “I just want mine” (Grandma, you’ve had your.)
  • Debt
  • Social Justice
  • Collective Salvation
  • Where are the churches?
  • “Where is God?”
  • MidEast/Israel
    • Muslim Brotherhood
    • Cleric advocating “Shoot the Jews”
    • Are we on the wrong side?
  • WIS-Cairo
  • Teachers vs. teachers
  • Revolutionaries
  • 1968 – 2011


  • David Barton, President of Wallbuilders
  • Rabbi Daniel Lapin, President of Alliance of Christians and Jews
  • Reverend James Robison, Co-Author “Living in Love” (with wife Betty)
  • Dave Roever, Founder of Roever Foundation, Author of “Scarred”

David went to the chalkboard and addressed some statistics.
  • Divorce
    • 27% - Born again Christians
    • 24% - The rest of the country.
    • 21% - Atheists
    • 87% - Were Christians before they got a divorce.
  • Lying
    • 35% - Christians who said they had deliberately not lied in the past month.
  • Abortion
    • 250,000 per year for born again Christians
  • 70 Behaviors – Christians have the same rates as non-Christians
    • Porn
    • Abuse
    • Adultery
    • Astrology
    • Etc.

Where Are the Churches and Synagogues?

Glenn asks with behaviors noted above and how they don’t match up with what the Christian faith teaches, where are the churches and synagogues?

Rabbi Lapin: A large portion of the Jewish community cares more about liberalism than the state of Israel.

Glenn:  Where are the preachers?

Rev Robison: Discussed hope.

The Courts

David Barton: In the 20th century, courts have changed from courts of justice, to courts of laws to courts.
  • At one time, justice was the primary objective, no matter what happened.  Juries had the power to overturn laws as well as reach decisions.
  • Then, the Supreme Court ruled that only they could overturn laws and that juries just need to uphold the law.
  • Now, we just have courts.  If you look up the definition of court, it is a place to settle a dispute.  We no longer obtain justice, or uphold the law; we just want to end a dispute.
  • The same thing has happened to the pulpit.  Churches no longer speak the truth as that might offend somebody.

Rabbi Lapin:  Disagree with the above statistics, as people of faith are usually described in a bad light.  Also, atheists have a low divorce rate because they have such a low marriage rate.

Then there was a discussion of the truth and Glenn’s trying to bring out the truth on his program every day.

Simultaneous Enemies

They discussed progressivism on the inside and Islamic radicalism on the outside as enemies we have to face simultaneously.  Rabbi Lapin noted that when Moses brought down the word of God, only 20% of the Jews accepted it.  David said that about the same percentage existed in favor of the American Revolution, another 25% was against and about 50% were ambivalent.

10 Commandments

They then discussed the 10 commandments.
  • Glenn held up a book by Rabbi Lapin, “Thought Tools”
  • David Barton explained why the 10 commandments can’t be displayed in schools. 
o       There was a court case in 1980 that found that:
o       If you displayed the 10 commandments in school, the students might read them.
o       If they read them, they might meditate on them.
o       If they meditated on them, they might act on them/
o       If that acted on them, that would be unconstitutional.

There was a discussion about how to turn the country around and how the barriers that divide us have to come down.

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