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Friday, February 11, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, February 11, 2011

Mission Accomplished

Like President Bush’s photo of him on the aircraft carrier with the “Mission Accomplished” banner in the background, there is a sign in the background of one of the photos of the Egyptian demonstrations with the same words.  There is a long way to go before there is a working democracy in Egypt.

President Mubarak has stepped down and handed power to the military, which is the best possible outcome.


He showed video clips of radicals calling for the overthrow of capitalism and the US government.

Transformation Stages

Glenn has previously talked about Part 1 of the fundamental transformation going on in Egypt.  That is…

The radical Islamists/communists/ socialists will
  • Work together against Israel.
  • Work together against capitalism.
  • Work together to overturn stability.

Part 2 is next. It is The Protests Become Contagious
  • They cascade
  • They sweep the Middle East
  • They begin to destabilize Europe and the rest of the world.

Glenn then showed a video clip of Vice President Joe Biden saying that the transformation happening in Egypt will not stop there.

The revolution happened in Egypt.  Now what?  Egypt is at a fork in the road.

Google Exec Involved

A Google executive was detained in Egypt for helping to organize the revolution.  He suggested people watch Facebook.  Glenn then showed several Facebook pages declaring “Days of Rage” in several countries around the Middle East.

Community organizing is key to all of this.  It is happening all over the world.

Looking for Violence in All the Wrong Places

Some people are constantly on the lookout for violence within the Tea Party, but they consistently ignore calls for violence by those leading the revolution overseas, and in America.

Glenn then showed clips of leaders of France, Germany and the UK condemning multiculturalism.  They tried it and it hasn’t worked out.

He mentioned several Islamic schools in the US.  Glenn has tried to get the curriculum and other records fro these schools – unsuccessfully.  He comments we should not allow groups to continue here that call for violence.  That should not be tolerated.

It is time to move on the Part 2 – contagion throughout the Middle East and Europe. 

Leftist – Islamists Alliance
Red-Green Alliance.  An anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, anti-war groups started in the UK.  They work with anti-Israel groups and the Muslim Brotherhood.  This report and summaries are available at

Leftists worldwide are encouraged by what is happening in Egypt.  Glenn showed clips of spokespersons from the US, UK and Australia.

Glenn calls this a must read book.

They discuss one of the common elements between leftist and Islamists groups.  One item is Collective Salvation, in which the individual has to submit to the state.

When it comes down to the end, when there are only two groups left standing, they will end up fighting with each other.  McCarthy thinks that when it comes to leftists versus the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the Islamists will win.

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