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Monday, February 7, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, February 7, 2011

Theme:  Patterns in Life 

Glenn showed the five chalkboards full of questions relating to the events in Egypt and elsewhere.
What are the patterns in the current revolutions?

One Nation Rally Groups

  • He referred to the One Nation rally of last year. 
  • On the chalkboard were the logos of some of the sponsoring organizations.
  • What, he asked, does the Young Communist League have to do with the AFL/CIO?  Or the UAW?  Or the Steel Workers Union?  Or La Raza?  What are the common elements?

Common Elements

  • One common element is that none of the groups likes the Western way of life.
    • They may disagree about what the new way of life would be like, but they will work that out after they get rid of capitalism.
  • Another is that they support the revolution in Egypt.

As mentioned on a previous show, Radical Islamists/communists/socialists all work together…
  • Against Israel
  • Against capitalism
  • To overturn stability – because it leads to revolution.


Glenn is getting criticism from both sides about this type of coverage.  That’s OK, but you need to know how you’re being played.
  • Bill Crystal, a conservative columnist came out this weekend and said that Glenn was a conspiracy theorist. 
  • Also, that the revolution in Egypt was like 1776 – a current theme in the media.

Muslim Brotherhood

  • Obama himself said he is OK with the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • He showed several video clips of Obama and other officials saying the Muslim Brotherhood is just another group in Egypt.
  • Glenn held up a book, “The 500 Most Influential Muslims” and referred to the passage about the spiritual and intellectual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.  In this ranking this man is listed as the ninth most influential Muslim in the world.  What does he advocate?
    • Suicide bombing is a legitimate form of self-defense and that “…the Middle East that oppression deserves such a response.”  To which Glenn noted “How 1776!”
    • He has a weekly TV show, “Sharia and Life” that is viewed by 40 million Muslims weekly.  Glenn showed a video of him setting afire a flag to protest the Danish cartoons of a few years ago. 
    • He called for an international day of rage.
    • Another video showed him calling for the total destruction of Jews.
    • Glenn showed part of O’Reilly’s interview of President Obama held just prior to the Super bowl answering O’Reilly’s question of “Is the Muslim Brotherhood a threat to America?”  Obama replied by saying the Muslim Brotherhood is not a majority in Egypt.
    • Glenn encourages everyone to do his or her own research.
    • This Muslim Brotherhood leader is also influencing events here in America.  He is the Chairman of the Michigan based Islamic American University (IAU).
      • The IAU is a subsidiary of the Alexandria, VA based Muslim American Society (MAS).  Glenn then showed a map of the U.S. with icons for the 50 chapters of the MAS with many states having more than one chapter.
  • Glenn referred to a Reuters article of today quoting an Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood member saying that the Muslim Brotherhood has been active in organizing the demonstrations. 
    • The Muslim Brotherhood created Hamas.
  • Glenn feels that the media is ignoring the Muslim Brotherhood’s role in the demonstrations.

Is the Muslim Brotherhood peaceful?  He showed video clips of spokesmen advocating jihad, condemning the Jews, saying that there is no such thing as Al Queda, etc.

Egyptian Attitudes Are Different

The people of Egypt have different ideas than Americans.  For instance, their concept of freedom is very different than ours.  In polls taken of Egyptians…
·        82% of Egyptians are in favor of stoning to death adulterers.
·        77% of Egyptians are in favor of cutting off the hand of thieves or whipping them.
·        84% of Egyptians are in favor of death for anyone leaving the Muslim religion.
o       In contrast, only 64% of Americans believe in the death penalty for murderers.
·        49% of Egyptians are in favor of Hamas.  (Created by the Muslim Brotherhood.)
o       In contrast, 60% of Americans side with Israel.
o       50% of Americans don’t support aid to the Palestinians under Hamas leadership.

Our government is fine with sitting down at the negotiating table with these people.

Al Jezeera

Glenn showed a full page Al Jezeera ad in the New York Times touting their coverage of the Egyptian marches. 
  • Al Jezeera is acting as a spokesperson for the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • Then he showed video clips of various U.S. media spokespersons touting Al Jeezera.
  • In 2006, Al Jeezera polled their audience and 50% supported Osama Bin Laden.
  • In 2008, Al Jeezera polled their audience and more than 50% reject the notion that the 9/11 attacks were carried out by Al Queda.

Watch the Other Hand

Glenn noted that the administration sometimes uses major events as cover to forward another piece of their agenda.  While Egypt dominates the news, the Federal Labor Relations Board voted to allow the TSA workers to vote on union representation.
  • When Congress created the TSA, it explicitly ruled out collective bargaining for screeners. 
    • We should be able to fire people if they aren’t doing their job.
    • We don’t want to unionize the security force.
    • In Europe, the Unions were controlling who was able to travel by what means via planned strikes and slowdowns.
    • Unionizing screeners would provide unions with 50,000 new members and approximately $30 million dollars a year in dues money.
  • The AFL/CIO President Richard Trumpka wrote a letter to support the Egyptian uprising and the new international labor movement.

Community Organizing Countries

A statement by the Revolutionary Socialists Egypt read, “Revolution…wealth belongs to the people…glory to the martyrs.  Down with the system.  All power to the people.  Victory to the Revolution.”  Glenn asks “Does this sound like a pro-democracy movement to you?”

What is Hizb VT – Tahrir?

  • It wants to bring back the Muslim Caliphate.
  • Prefers to use organizing and protesting to achieve goals.
  • Is holding a conference in Illinois
    • Glenn showed part of a video being presented there calling for the death of capitalism.

All Research Materials at
Do your own research.  Make up your own mind.

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