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Monday, January 31, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, January 31, 2011

Most Americans are not current on what is happening in Egypt.

Macro World View

Glenn feels that there are three growing powers in the world.
  1. China – Will dominate Asia, the southern part of Africa, Australia, New Zeeland and parts of the Middle East.
  2. Muslim Caliphate – Will control the Middle East and parts of Europe.
  3. Russia – Will control all of the old parts of the Soviet Union and, perhaps, the Netherlands.

Media Take on Egypt

Glenn tried to get up to speed on the Egypt situation over the weekend and all he got from the media was…
  • Protestors want democracy.
  • Riots/Violence
  • U.S. wants Egyptian President Mubaric to do something.
  • Muslim Brotherhood is good.
  • Glenn pointed to five chalkboards with some additional questions that should be asked, but aren’t. 
  • The American media doesn’t get it.

Glenn discussed the Muslim Brotherhood that started up Osama bin Laden, Al Queda, etc.

Quotable Quotes

  • The U.N. Secretary General, Ban Ke Moon, said over the weekend at the Financial Summit meeting in Davos, Switzerland…

“Capitalism is environmental suicide.” And there needs “…to be a revolution.”

  • The current Prime Minister of Turkey said…

“Democracy is like a streetcar.  When you come to your stop, you get off.”

Glenn commented that it would be nice to know what the destination is.  But the media is not asking that question.  Just like they didn’t ask what “change” meant during the 2008 election.  The truth has no agenda, but the media does; the Obama administration does.


Glenn’s assessment is that this is not about Egypt. 
  • It’s about everybody who wants to destroy the Western way of life. 
  • This is the coming insurrection. 
  • It’s about “Can Man Rule Himself?”

Glenn feels that the reason we are hated in the Middle East is that we say we are for freedom, but then we support dictators like Mubaric and the Saudis.

The Egyptian unemployed are being exploited.  It’s not about local Egyptian problems.


Glenn showed on chalkboards, maps of:
·        The Middle East. 
o     On the various countries, he put symbols for whether they were friend or enemies. 
o     Other symbols showed where there was rioting.
·        Europe.
o     He showed the same symbols for riots.
o     Visually, it looked like the whole area is in an uproar.

Historically, This is Similar To…

This is not like the fall of the Berlin Wall.  This is like Iran in 1979.  Radical Islam takes the Mediterranean and maybe large sections of Europe for a Caliphate.  This is the coming insurrection.

The Egyptian people are being played.


·        Iran was our friend in the Middle East. 
o     President Carter went to Tehran to meet with the Shah. 
o     Two years later the Shah was in exile.

·        The U.S. media embraced the revolution because they introduced a moderate regime including a parliament. 
o     That lasted for one month. 
o     The Ayatollah Kohmani replace the Shah’s secret police with his own revolutionary guard and freedom again eluded the people of Iran.
o     The people of Iran were being played.

Volatile Region

·        Glenn has been saying for some time that if you introduce hunger into this powder keg, you will have an explosion. 
·        Egypt has seen a spike in their cost of living, especially the price of food. 
·        Forty percent of the population there earns less than $1 per day.
·        Glenn showed a clip of El Baradi saying that the Muslim Brotherhood is just part of the makeup of Egypt like evangelicals in the U.S. or the Orthodox Jews are in Israel.
·        The events in Egypt are being sold in America as a fight for freedom.  And how free are the people in Iran today? 
o     If Egypt falls to hardliners, how far behind is Yemen and Algeria.
·        He showed a CNN clip of a woman protester saying that America and Israel both supported Mubaric and that they (the protesters) didn’t like all of them.

Glenn said that there are two reasons the people in the Middle East hate us…
1.      Extremists – We are infidels.
2.      We are hypocrites.  We claim to support freedom, but support dictators like Mubaric.

Mubaric is the second largest recipient of our foreign aid.

Do your own homework.  He is simplifying stuff and hasn’t provided any answers yet.  There will be several more shows on Egypt and the Middle East, so stay tuned.

Torture in Egypt

He showed pictures of people arrested by the Egyptian government and tortured and/or killed.  We sent many of our terrorist suspects to Egypt to be tortured.

More tomorrow.

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