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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, January 27, 2011

Violence Here and Abroad

  • Brawls caught on cell phone video and uploaded to You Tube where they get millions of viewers.
  • 162 police officer fatalities in 2010, up 40% over 2009.
  • Criminals now say they no longer fear killing cops.  They wear it as a badge of honor.
  • January 2011: already 15 law enforcement fatalities.
  • Riots in Egypt.
  • Riots in Tunisia.
  • The Economic Forum was firebombed in Davos
    • The revolutionary group Revolutionary Perspective claimed credit for the bombing.
    • They said “Our fight against the dictatorship of capital is focused on the social alternative to capitalism: communism.”
  • The world ignored bin Laden until 9/11.  The world is similarly ignoring the communist, Marxist revolutionaries until they take down world trade.

The State of the Union

  • Glenn wanted to discuss the state of the union, but not from the perspective of politics.
  • Union – Definition: Basically an alliance of people.
  • It used to be that being an American united us.  Not so much any more.
  • Today it was announced on Fox News that an Iranian book glorifying suicide bombing was found in the AZ desert.
  • There are enemies of our Republic both inside and outside our country.
  • Attempts are being made to divide us.  The rich against the poor, bankers are bad, doctors, conservatives, etc.  There will always be differences between people.  What will hold us together?
  • There is a split in America.
  • Glenn showed a surveillance video of a woman on a bus being attacked by two other women, one with two small children.
  • He showed another video showing customers at a Wendy’s mobbing a worker who tried to break up a fight.  No one in the restaurant helped the worker.
  • He showed an additional video of a fight in an Ihop restaurant.  The restaurant was trashed.
  • He discussed that all these videos are available on You Tube, as are videos of almost anything. 
  • He replayed the audio clip of two women standing in line to get some “Obama Money”.
  • Edward Béarnaise’s stated goal in the beginning of the 1920s was to change us from a people that had control of themselves to a country that just focused on our wants.  That’s where we are now.
  • He discussed and showed photographs of several policemen and women that have been killed.  To date, it doesn’t appear that those killings were organized on the right or the left.  Those cops just got in the way.
  • Glenn then showed a video of the fiancée of one of those killed giving his eulogy.
  • He discussed another policeman from a small town that was shot to death with his own gun in a struggle to keep a man from stealing a car.  He left 7 children.
  • More videos of riots from around the world were shown.
  • Glenn again noted that there are people on the left as well as the right that are calling for the killing of police or having riots here like there are in Europe.
  • Technology is involved as well.
    • In Egypt they are taking down Facebook and Twitter.
    • In the U.S., they are working to give the President a “kill switch” so that he can shut down the Internet.
    • Glenn stated that technology was not the problem; it is the choices that people make that are the problem.
  • Glenn suggests supporting you local police, providing donations so that they all have bulletproof vests, etc.
  • When the “Greatest Generation” left Wall Street in the 1990s, they were replaced by the 1960s generation.  This included the radicals who didn’t learn responsibilities.
  • Times are changing and we need to equip our children and grandchildren with proper values.

Glenn gave an update on the woman who found his father’s revolutionary war coat.  She has a used clothing resale business and after her appearance on Glenn’s program she has been doing great.

He recommends his book “7 Wonders that can change you life”

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