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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, January 5, 2011

The news today
  • The Financial Times reports we are rapidly approaching a tipping point with oil.  Prices are reaching a dangerous zone for the global economy.
  • The rise in oil prices in 2008 corresponded with a fall in U.S. housing prices.
  • The European Union reports that they have had a 2.2% rise in inflation – but only in food, oil and other commodities.
  • Bloomberg Report says that world food prices surge to a record level, passing levels that sparked the 2008 riots.

Glenn then had a discussion of the world and how it is too big to change for any one person.  But you can change yourself (to better be able to react to global changes – Ed).  Also, a change in you could affect a change in your family.  A change in your family could affect your neighborhood.  A change in your neighborhood could affect you city.  A change in your city could affect a change in the country.  A change in the country could affect a change in the world.

He thinks 2011 will be pivotal.  People make the difference for both good and evil.  He showed clips of Francis Fox-Piven calling for social disruption.

Glenn will be focusing everything he does this year on his e4 project.  It incorporates these four components…
  1. Enlightenment
  2. Education
  3. Empowerment
  4. Entrepreneurship

These four components apply to individuals.

He next referenced Van Jones and saw him as a major player, even though he is no longer in the White House.  Jones’ Top-Down, Bottom-Up, Inside-Out strategy is the same one used to topple the Czech Republic in 1948.  Glenn showed a clip of Jones speaking at a conference.  The steps to the Top-Down, Bottom-Up, Inside-Out strategy are…
  1. Have a solution.
  2. Put people in power to implement the solution.
  3. Create or exploit problems.
  4. Overwhelm or collapse the (financial) system.
  5. Encourage riots.
  6. People will then cry out for a solution.

Glenn encourages everyone to do his or her own research and not just take his word for it.  He posts all his footnotes on his web site

Referring to the Van Jones conference talk, the personal empowerment is what Jones meant when he told the audience that they can implement change.  They just have not been trained to do that and by changing themselves (Inside-Out) they can make things happen.

We are supposed to be rioting here like they are in Europe.

The Left calls upon people to feel their anger and their rage.  But in an analogy to the movie Star Wars, this only leads to the “Dark Side”.

Glenn then showed video of demonstrations and riots that took place during the 1960s.  The Weather Underground was part of those riots including the riots in the Watts section of Los Angeles. 

Francis Fox-Piven
·        The Watts riots gave Francis Fox-Piven the inspiration that led to her theory of how to bring down the system by overwhelming it.
·        Her article in “The Nation” entitled “A Strategy to End Poverty” called for overwhelming the welfare system.  She thought that that would force the government to implement a guaranteed income for all.
·        Glenn showed a clip of Mayor Rudy Giuliani speaking in 1998 about how the social policies implemented in the 1960s led to the enlargement of the welfare rolls that led to New York’s financial crisis.  Within a decade, the rolls went from 200,000 to over 1 million on welfare.

Major cities have been controlled by Democrats for decades.  Glenn showed pictures of properties in today’s Detroit.  They showed building in disrepair, rooms trashed, etc.  Glenn said that Detroit is by design.

Glenn then stated that big governments always fail throughout history.

He said that the Left hates the TEA Party because it is individuals voluntarily taking action on their own and not at the direction of some individual or group.

Glenn has shown the Left’s formula (See Steps 1 – 6 above).  He proposes his e4 steps for the rest of us.

His Entrepreneurship component is not limited to just making money in a business context.  It is the ability of an individual to have an idea and be able to implement it in any area of his or her life.  This equates to a means to accomplish the “pursuit of happiness” guaranteed us in the Constitution.

Prior to making his trip to Wilmington, OH, he attended a meeting about a new way to improve a person’s hearing.  In Wilmington, one of the people he met was Tyler, a 9 year old, hearing-impaired boy with two hearing aids.  Glenn is bringing Tyler and his family to New York to meet with these people to see if they could repair Tyler’s hearing.

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