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Monday, January 24, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, January 24, 2011

  • Food prices are going up.
  • An anti-American song was played at the White House dinner for the Chinese President.
  • There was an attempt on a governor’s life.  Had you heard about it?

The American Experiment
  • The American Experiment – Can man govern himself. 
  • Prior to 1776, kings or the church had always governed man.
  • George Whitfield and Benjamin Franklin were instrumental in events leading up to the creation of the U.S. Constitution.
    • George Whitfield
      • Basically established the relationship of the individual with God rather than the prevailing concept at that time that the individual had a relationship with the church.  The church did the relating to God.
      • He was thrown out of the church for that view.
    • Benjamin Franklin
      • Use reason as a God-given talent.
      • Keep reason firmly in her seat and question with boldness.

The Enlightenment was the Age of Reason.

Jobs and Competitiveness Council
  • President Obama is changing the name of his Economic Recovery Board to the Jobs and Competitiveness Council.
  • New head of the Council is GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt.
  • If we believe in reason, should we believe President Obama is serious about jobs and competitiveness?  Was Mr. Immelt picked because he demonstrated…
1.      Can Create Jobs
§         No
§         5 out of 6 jobs created at GE are created overseas.
§         GE lost 34,000 jobs in the U.S.
§         GE added 25,000 jobs overseas.
2.      Great With Finance
§         No
§         He asked for $134 billion in TARP funds.
3.      Giant Corporations Create Jobs
§         No
§         70% of new jobs are created by small businesses.
4.      Green Jobs
§         No
§         GE shut down its incandescent light bulb plant here in the U.S.
§         They still make incandescent light bulbs in Mexico and China.

  • Glenn showed clips of administration officials on Martin Luther King Day talking about justice – social justice, economic justice, health justice, environmental justice that is “…part of everything we do.”
  • Glenn showed a quote that said that the administration is creating a drug creation agency because the pace of drug creation in industry is too slow.
  • Glenn then held up a stack of paper about a foot high representing the 165 new FDA regulations of the drug industry since 2008 governing drug development.
  • He then compared what the government did when faced with long lines at the Post Office – they removed the clocks from the post office lobbies.  Also, the post office is currently lobbying Congress to change the law to allow them to close 2,000 unprofitable outlets.
  • Andy Stern (of SEIU fame) is now on the Board of Directors of the drug firm SIGA Technologies, Inc.  They are working on countermeasures for anthrax and other bio-toxins.  SIGA stock has since risen by 50%.
  • Glenn then showed a chart of the 154 new agencies, commissions, boards, etc that are being created as part of the Obamacare legislation.
  • Several states are looking at bankruptcy.  If they use the General Motors model, they will screw the bondholders.
  • Glenn doubts that Cass Sunsteen, the Regulatory Czar, will be able to streamline governmental regulations given the FDA example above and his, Sunsteen’s, prior books…
    1. Nudge
    1. Democracy and the Problem of Free Speech
    1. Behavioral Law and Economics
  • A viewer sent in a copy of the 1945 book, “The Revolution Was”.  Glenn referred to it several times during the remainder of the program.
  • A study of 2,300 graduating college students reports that they rated no significant improvement in their critical thinking, reasoning or writing skills in their first two years in college.
  • Francis Fox-Piven
    • Glenn recommends an article profiling her on the American Spectator by Stanley Kirtz.  (I couldn’t find an article by Kirtz on The American Spectator, but there is one on National Review Online here - - Ed)
    • The New York Times ran a story on Fox-Piven.  In it, they called out Glenn for using her as an example of someone using violent rhetoric.  Glenn reviewed the article and had comments.  Two quotes from the article are…
      • “…some say is endangering her life…” Glenn reminded everyone that he has spoken out against violence for the last two years and for two years before that on his radio show.
      • “Anonymous visitors to his web site have called for her death.”
    • The Center for Constitutional Rights
      • Financed by the Tides Foundation, which is funded by George Soros.  (Mr. Soros is spending $1 million to get Glenn off the air.)
      • Wrote a letter to Roger Ailes, Glenn’s boss.  In it they wrote, in part…”Misinformation and falsehoods about a person can put that person in actual physical danger…”  But Glenn typically shows video clips and reads a person’s words from their own articles.
      • Glenn showed a commercial type video for the Center by Bertha Lewis, the CEO of Acorn, praising the Center.
      • Glenn noted that he has 15 threats of violence against him at any given time and rhetorically asks if the Center thought about that when they wrote about him.

Assassination Attempts

In September 2010, the Governor of MO, a Democrat, had an attempt on his life that failed.  The perpetrator attacked a college president that he thought was the governor and slit that man’s throat.  The perpetrator was a leftist revolutionary.

Glenn then categorized a number of American assassination attempts grouped by category.

  • Crazy
    • 1835 – Richard Lawrence
    • 1912 – Attempt on Theodore Roosevelt
    • 1975 – (Missed this one – Ed)
    • 2010 – Attempt on Congresswoman Giffords
  • Anarchist
    • 1901 – President McKinley assassinated
    • Early 20th century – bombing of several cities within 90 minutes
  • Socialist/Progressive
    • 1933 - (Missed this one – Ed)
    • 1960s - Various
    • 1963 – President Kennedy assassinated.
    • 1975 - (Missed this one – Ed)
  • Conservative
    • N/A
  • Constitutionalist
    • 1995 – Oklahoma City bomber
  • Anti-US Government
    • 1864 – President Lincoln assassinated
    • 1950- President Truman assassination attempt

None of the above said they did it because of heated rhetoric.

Glenn calls for the firing of the White House Protocol Officer because of the choice of music played by the Chinese pianist at the White House reception for the Chinese President.  He played a Korean War-era anti-US song, in which Americans were portrayed as “jackals”.

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