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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, January 19, 2011

Glenn started his program by complimenting Neil Cavuto on his interview with Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee.  During the interview she condemns Cavuto for not being able to grasp the logic of her argument (on Obamacare).


  • With all the real problems in America today, we are obsessed with rhetoric. 
  • Glenn showed a clip of a CNN anchor apologizing for a guest’s use of the word “crosshairs”. 
  • Glenn said that carried forward CNN’s logic would have to exclude other items as well and showed a number of clips of candidate Obama saying “violent” things.
  • Other Clips
    • Old Disney cartoons of roadrunner and bugs bunny characters blowing stuff and other characters up.
    • Glenn commented that it is insane to think that it is okay to have violent video games for kids where they can shoot cops in the head, but adults are too impressionable to hear the word “bullet point”.
    • He showed various clips of prominent Leftists using newly verboten words.
  • Glenn said that it was important to allow people to speak their minds, for at least two reasons…
    • To allow the evolution of their thinking about a subject, and,
    • To understand exactly who they are.  If they feel a certain way about something and are never allowed to verbalize it, you cannot know those people really.

People’s Motivation

Glenn reviewed the beliefs of Edward B√©arnaise’s understanding of what, actually motivates people.  There are four…
  1. Aggression
  2. Self-preservation
  3. Sex
  4. Security

He showed a quote of Francis Fox-Piven wherein she attempts to explain the causality of the Tea Party.  Each of the above four motivations were attributed to the Tea Partiers, even sex.  However, she said she did not really have any evidence for the sex motivation part, but was sure it was in there somewhere.

Ranchers and Cows

For clarity, he characterized progressives as ranchers overseeing and protecting “the people” as a herd of cows so they could milk them every April 15th.
  • Progressive ranchers use the above four motivations to control the “herd”.
  • When he or Sara Palin or others started acting like ranchers, progressives see Glenn and/or Sara as using those four motivations to move the herd in a direction other than that desired by the progressive type ranchers.
    • This is obviously unacceptable, so the non-progressive rancher types must be controlled, contained or eliminated so as to not distract the herd.
  • Glenn then showed a quote from Edward Bernaise
    • “ Ours must be a leadership democracy administered by the intelligent minority who know how to regiment and guide the masses.”
  • Glenn showed other, similar clips from other progressives, e.g., Walter Lippmann, Cass Sunsteen
    • Time magazine’s columnist Joe Klein wrote…
    • “It is very difficult to thrive in an increasingly competitive world when you are a nation of dodos.”
  • Congressman Dingle was shown saying how it was necessary to enact legislation to “control people” to enact Obamacare.

The Federalist Papers were a way for the Founders to get the concepts and debates out to the people.

The Use of a University

We use to think that there was no “stupid question”.  No longer.  Glenn showed a quote from Woodrow Wilson from the time that he was the President of Princeton.
  • “…The use of a university is to make young gentlemen as unlike their fathers as possible.”
  • When you go to Princeton, you have left the herd and are becoming a rancher.


Progressives see government regulation as a way to protect the herd, sort of a corral. 
  • Yesterday, President Obama signed an Executive Order to review all existing federal regulations for effectiveness. 
  • That was reported in the media.  What was not reported, was the following portion of that Executive Order.
  • “In weighing costs and benefits, for instance agencies may now consider ‘equity’, human dignity, fairness and distributive impacts.”  This will make the progressive corral more efficient and effective.

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