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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, January 11, 2011

Washington’s response to Saturday’s shooting seems to be control over words, symbols, talk radio and guns – all in the name of reducing violence.

Speaking of gun control, Glenn noted that in 1982 Chicago passed a very restrictive gun ban.  After the ban was instituted, the rate of handgun murders showed a 56% increase.  This increase in handgun murders was cited by the U.S. Supreme Court as one factor in ruling against that city’s handgun ban.

Representative Bob Brady announced he will introduce a bill to control violent speech and symbols.  Glenn then parodied a description of a church service ending with a “violent” image of Christ on the cross.

Glenn also parodied other words and phrases that may be controlled: “shotgun weddings”, and a commercial showing a cartoon tank in a cupcake war.  In contrast, popular Rap songs routinely include the N-word and some video games allow kids to shoot cops in the head.  But this, we are told, is okay because the kids know the difference between games and real life.

He then showed an image of Cupid with his bow and arrow.  And went on about how despicable Cupid’s behavior was on a day that was supposed to be about peace and love.  A picture of the Target Corporation’s logo was shown and Glenn advised everyone not to use that for target practice and that it was just a sign.

Glenn then showed a picture of Major Assan, the Ft Hood shooter.  He then spoke about how, at the time, the President, other public figures and the media called for everyone to not rush to judgment and to wait until all the facts are in.  He then compared the New York Time’ response to the Ft Hood incident with that of the one on Saturday wherein they editorialized about the rhetoric of the Republicans and the TEA Party to be at fault.  He pointed out that the government and the media were in collusion twice while American citizens were rounded up and put into internment camps.  German-Americans were interned during WWI and German, Italian and Japanese-Americans were interned during WWII.  In both of these incidents, the media was complicit with these government actions.

He then showed pictures of the 19 highjackers of 9/11 and how the President’s and the media’s response to the attacks wherein they cautioned people not to generalize from these individuals to larger groups.  That was because that could lead to violence.  Other reactions by the elite’s politically correct rules and restrictions are not making much sense.

Glenn projects that the country will be unrecognizable in ten years if we don’t stop with the politics.

He feels that he has changed over the last 6 months and this has led to his e4 project.

One congressman is already calling for a return of the Fairness Doctrine.  Presumably, this is because the period during which the Fairness Doctrine was in place, the 60s, 70s and 80s was so peaceful.  Except Martin Luther King, President John Kennedy and Presidential Candidate Bobby Kennedy were all assassinated, President Reagan was shot and two attempts were made to shoot President Gerald Ford.  If the Fairness Doctrine does return, Glenn does not feel it will come through legislation, but through the regulatory bureaucracy via the FCC.

Glenn feels that the Left thinks that there is too much free speech.  He encourages them to be up front about that and have a debate on the merits of controlling speech and amending the Constitution as appropriate.  Unfortunately, they do not feel that they can win in the arena of ideas, so they try to move their agenda along by deceiving people and tricking them.  He wants them to be straight with the American people.

Glenn’s staff has contacted almost all members of the Senate and the House to have them take his pledge against violence.  So far, 5 senators and 3 House members out of 435 have agreed.

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