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Monday, January 17, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, January 17, 2011

Glenn started off by playing an audio clip of John Dean on liberal talk radio claiming that studies show that 25% of people want to be told what to think, what to do, etc.  Dean further claims that Beck, Palin, Limbaugh, etc., tap into that segment of the population.

Tonight’s theme:  Looking evil in the eye.

What we saw after the AZ shooting is a little off from reality.  It is like a biography of an older person that dies.  Within minutes of their death, the media is able to present that information because that person’s death was anticipated and the material had been previously been prepared. 

Reality does not always match the script.  For example…
  • Glenn showed a portion of a newspaper printed at the time of Martin Luther King, MLK (early 1960s).  The media reported that MLK “helped pave the way for violence by preaching civil disobedience.”
  • Another portion of a newspaper was shown that claimed, “Responsible people in Chicago have accused MLK and-or his staff members of stimulating violence of the type which led to rioting.  The charge is a valid one.”

At that time, William Ayres was doing violence, but not MLK.  The Black Panthers were doing violence, but not MLK.  But the elites had their story and the media stuck with what was previously written.  Just like today, with Rush Limbaugh or Sara Palin or Fox News.  We are being held responsible for things we are not doing, even things we despise.

On this program we tell people to Question With Boldness.  Is that something you tell to sheep?

Glenn then showed a photograph from December 10, 1964 of a Mr. Morris, a black man who owned a shoe store.  Three white men burned down the store with him inside.  Mr. Morris finally was able to escape the burning building and was treated at a local hospital, but died four days later.  The police at the time didn’t work the problem and the media dropped the story.  In 2007, the case was reopened and previously identified witnesses were interviewed and a suspect named.  If only the media had done their job at that time.

Glenn showed a clip of a segment of an ABC special program “Having an American Conversation”. The meeting and the video of it was taken after the AZ shooting incident.  It showed a Mr. Humphrey, a Tea Party person and member of the audience, calling for introspection about the incident.  Another audience member and shooting victim, a Mr. Fuller was heard from off camera calling out “You’re dead!”.  Later Fuller was arrested for mental evaluation and Mr. Humphrey was advised to not go out into public.  This last was taped by ABC, but not shown when the program was televised.

George Soros funded Media Matters bought into Fuller because he was a survivor of the incident and criticized Fox News.  Glenn showed a screen shot of an article on their web site.  Their article says, in part, about Beck and Palin, “I would stand up and just scream ‘whores’ at them…” And that Sara Palin should be incarcerated for treason.

ABC’s program “Having an American Conversation” filmed the event and, because it did not show Fuller’s threat and “swept it under the rug” they were ignoring potential violence, the very subject the program was intending to highlight.  Glenn discussed ABC’s lack of credibility as they continue to present half-truths.

Paraphrasing MLK, we are all brothers (Americans) and if we don’t wake up and understand what’s going on, the problem is not going away.

He reviewed the Progressive’s game plan for governmental overthrow…
  1. Have a solution.
  2. Have people in power in government.
  3. Create (or exploit) problems.
  4. Overwhelm and collapse the system.
  5. Get people to rise up.
  6. Top down imposition of predetermined solution.

And the motivations that control Man…
  • Sex
  • Aggression
  • Security
  • Self-preservation

Edward Bernaise (see episode from Jan 13th  here for complete details - ) believed people were like “cattle”.  Joseph Gobbles studied BĂ©arnaise’s book “Propaganda” and applied its principles in Germany.  Bernaise and his uncle Sigmund Freud believed people couldn’t be trusted because deep down inside they were animals and responded only to the basic instincts listed above.  His ideas have lived on with the Left.

Glenn noted that all research materials for all his shows are listed at his web site

Progressives believe people a stupid and businessmen are greedy.  Their view is that the Constitution is outdated and that people need to be shepparded.

Progressives not only believe this as a way forward, they actually believe that 25% of people want to be told what to do, people are stupid and progressives are superior.  People have to be controlled.  Glenn then showed clips of several high profile progressives saying that people are dumb and/or stupid.

They think that if Sara Palin can rise to the top of the pack, she must be as smart as a progressive and she too must see people as being stupid and dumb and must be controlled.  If she then calls for liberty, responsibility and other non-progressive beliefs, she must be evil.

Glenn then showed a clip of BĂ©arnaise’s daughter discussing her father’s views of democracy and how people had to be guided so they didn’t want the wrong thing or vote for the wrong man; sort of an enlightened despotism.

Glenn talked about do we bury our heads in the sand or do we wake up and understand that there are people who want to do away with the Constitution.

He showed on screen the dictionary definition of the word enemy – “One that is antagonistic to another: especially: one seeking to injure, overthrow, or confound an opponent.”  Glenn proposed that progressives are enemies of the Constitution. 

The Constitution allows for updates and changes through the amendment process.  If you are an enemy of the Constitution, it can’t be because you want to change it, because that is allowed (via amendments).  You are an enemy of the Constitution if you want to overthrow it or obliterate it, which progressives do.

Who is an enemy of the Constitution? 

Francis Fox-Piven:  Glenn read from an article of hers recently published in “The Nation” magazine.  She notes that recently 7 Georgia prisons coordinated an uprising using cell phones they bought from the guards.  She suggests that the unemployed could organize similarly to stage protests as seen in Europe.

No one is calling for violence from the Right.  And the media is not listening.

He showed a CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) poster from their Oakland, CA chapter web site.  It read, “Build a Wall of Resistance – Don’t Talk to the FBI”.  He invited viewers to tune into the O’Reilly program at 8:00 PM as Bill O’Reilly was interviewing a CAIR spokesperson about this poster.

Glenn showed a promo for Friday’s program about an update on Wilmington, OH.

Glenn suggests reading MLK’s non-violence pledge that he has on his web site,

He then showed pictures of Gandhi, MLK and Jesus together with the people that killed them.  Jesus, Gandhi and MLK preached love and peace.  People remember them.  They were all killed and no one really remembers the people using deadly violence against them.

He closed the program with the phrase “The Truth has no Agenda”.

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