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Friday, January 28, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, January 28, 2011

Today’s Glenn Beck program has been preempted by a special on events taking place in Egypt.  The program was rebroadcast several hours later and that broadcast did contain his program.  The show notes follow:

There was a studio audience today.

The theme today is to tie things together.

Can Man Rule Himself? 
The Constitution came out of the follow on question of how you do that.

In America, our revolution answered to God.  In France, their revolution rejected the church.  That turned out to be an important distinction.

George Whitfield was important to early America because he preached a direct relationship with God for each individual.  If each person has such a relationship, then, of course, he could rule himself.

The Federalist Papers were published in newspapers of the time and they laid out the case for the Constitution.

Things started to go awry in the early 20th century with Woodrow Wilson.

Glenn read the poem “The Gods of the Copybook Heading” by Rudyard Kipling.  Copybook Gods were truisms printed as headings at the top of each page of a copybook.  The copybook was a penmanship book of lined pages that students would use to practice their handwriting by copying the headings down the page.  The poem contrasted what happened when popular trends were believed in rather than time tested truisms that were printed at the tops of pages.

Glenn feels that the only way man can rule himself is if he is enlightened and educates himself.

Guest:  Marvin Olasky

  • Author of “Corporate Public Relations A new Historical Perspective”
  • This book was used by Glenn and his staff to do research on several topics related to Edward Bernaise.
  • Mr. Olasky discussed the original set up of the structure of government. 
    • The president was somewhat like a king, but with limited powers and duration. 
    • Then there was the Senate, the members of which were appointed by each state’s legislature. 
      • That last was changed in 1913 during Wilson’s administration to elect senators via the popular vote. 
      • The senate also had the filibuster, which helped to slow things down and provide more time to examine issues. 
    • The third component was the House of Representatives. 
    • The Supreme Court surrounded the three previous components and added another level of control. 
    • Then, surrounding all of that were the state legislatures. 
    • Lastly, was the free press.
    • Mr. Olasky interviewed Edward Bernaise in 1984 when he was 92. 
      • Mr. Bernaise did not believe that man could rule himself. 
      • He was also an atheist. 
      • He felt that since there was no God, we would have to invent human gods. 
      • The human gods ruled the people.  Glenn then reminded the audience of George Soros saying that he was like a God. 
      • Per Bernaise, above the human gods were manipulators.

      • A video clip was shown with prominent progressives applying Béarnaise’s four motivators, sex, security, aggression, and self-preservation.

o       Edward Béarnaise’s concept of propaganda, later to be called public relations, was to bring order out of chaos.

o       Mr. Olasky use to be a communist. 

o       He went to Russia in 1972. 

o       While he was there, he saw problems, but tried to rationalize why they might exist. 
o       It was only after he came back, read the bible and started to think things through that he saw that there was an alternative.

o       Mr. Olasky was the man who thought up the title of “compassionate conservative”. 

o       This started during the 1990s and initially was to empower individuals and civic organizations to develop projects to improve conditions locally.

Then the concept of “social justice” came up.  Edward Bernaise felt that “social justice” was a biblical concept.

Audience Questions

·        If the only solution to propaganda is the truth, how can we defeat propaganda if we are not being told the truth by the media, by politicians, etc?
o     Glenn said that everyone must reason it out.  Do your own research.  He pointed to a collection of magazines shown over on the side and recommended that no one take them at face value.
·        Where do you see the greatest influence of Bernaise today?
o     Glenn said that his influence is pervasive throughout our society.  It is dangerous if you are not educated.  If you are educated, you know it’s a scam.
·        How do you deal with a sense of powerlessness as the progressive agenda moves ahead?
o     Glenn said that progressiveness could be undone.  He thought that the solution was with his e4 project.  That is the way the Founders did it.

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