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Friday, January 21, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, January 21, 2011

Theme for today is Glenn’s two-year history on Fox.

History of Fox

Glenn did a recap of the various projects he has developed during those two years.  He discussed how he got to each of these projects and a bit about each.
  • Glenn also has a daily radio show, which includes having listeners call in.  During one of these programs around the time of President Obama’s inauguration, a person called in and said that he was “unplugging”, essentially dropping out.   That ultimately led Glenn to develop the 9-12 Project with its 9 Principles and 12 Values.
  • Then Glenn moved on to Faith, Hope and Charity as themes and even painted a poster with each featuring a different Founding Father.
  • Last summer he had his 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally.
  • The 40-Day, 40 Night Challenge followed.
  • Then Wilmington, OH
  • Now the e4 Project
    • Enlightenment – God?  Reason.
    • Education – Find the truth.  The truth has no agenda.
    • Empowerment – Be who you were born to be.
    • Entrepreneurship – Solve the problems.

Wilmington, OH

There was a studio audience today.  Members were from Wilmington or had been to Wilmington.  He discussed personal stories with several of the audience members…
  • Fraternity Members
    • A group of fraternity brothers from Kansas State University drove to Wilmington to check it out. 
    • One of those students heard Glenn discuss the Federalist Papers and how difficult they were to read inasmuch as they were written in the style of the early 1800s. 
    • He then wrote a version of the Federalist Papers in contemporary English and presented a bound volume to Glenn. 
    • Glenn also does publishing, and he will publish that book.
  • Prayer Room
    • A couple drove 17 hours from Texas to learn about the Prayer Room in Wilmington.
    • The operator of the Prayer Room says she has received hundreds of calls and many visits by people wanting to know how to start a Prayer Room in their city.
  • Pizza
    • The pizza restaurant owner gives back to the community and even awarded free pizza for life to one needy family.
  • Food Pantry
    • Does not receive any government support.
    • Since Glenn’s visit, he has received donated food by the truckload.
    • He says people drive for hours to volunteer at the pantry and, when they leave, they give him an envelope with hundreds of dollars inside.
  • Newest Business in Town
    • A business located elsewhere burned down.  A Wilmington resident contacted that businessperson and offered him his facility in Wilmington.  They did the deal with a handshake.  He is about 90% of the way back to being in business.

Glenn believes that the secret of America is in the individual, not the herd.  Individuals can inspire others to make progress.

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