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Friday, January 14, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, January 13, 2011

The Tucson Memorial.  Glenn has never seen a memorial with complementary T-shirts with a slogan printed on it.

The most important thing to takeaway from tonight’s program is that “The truth has no agenda”.

Two possible views of people…
  1. People are good and intelligent individuals.  Sometimes they can make mistakes, but once they recognize that, they can correct themselves.
  2. People deep down are animals with urges that move as a pack or a herd.  If you believe this view, you can understand why the individual is not important and it is the collective that is important.  Talk radio or Fox News has an impact because it is affecting the herd.  Since people are just animals with urges, they are influenced by the herd.  Thus the Left is convinced that Fox News and talk radio is bad for America.  Where did this idea come from?

Also, how is it that we learn the things that we take for granted that this is the way things should be?

Edward Bernaise
  • Born in Vienna in 1891.
  • Family moved to New York City in 1892.
  • He graduated from Cornell.
  • Journalism was his first career.  Then he became an ad man.
  • Hired by Beechnut to increase the sale of their bacon product.  At that time, breakfast in America was coffee and toast.  Bacon was a lunch and dinner item.
  • He commissioned a study of American eating habits and found a doctor who claimed that the body lost energy overnight.  Therefore, you needed a substantial breakfast to replenish that energy.  He sent some pro-breakfast literature to 5,000 doctors (including the desireable combination of bacon with eggs for breakfast.  Those doctors, in turn, began recommending it to their patients.  That morphed into “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”

  • In the early part of the 20th century, it was taboo for women to smoke in public. 
  • During the 1920s, the American Tobacco Company hired Bernaise to increase the sale of their cigarettes.
  • He commissioned a study on why people smoked.  The study concluded women have an “oral fixation”.
  • Women smoking in public in New York City was illegal.
  • He paid women to smoke during a parade in New York City. 
  • Glenn showed pictures from that parade.
  • He linked women smoking with liberty. Cigarettes were “torches of freedom”.
  • The campaign was a success.

  • Bernaise came up with the concept that pianos meant that if you have a piano, you are cultured and upscale.
  • That attitude persists to today.
  • Glenn admitted he has a piano in his house, even though neither he nor any family member can play it.

Bernaise’s interest was in changing the public and their thinking.

Glenn showed a clip of Bernaise late in his life saying that it occurred to him that if propaganda was useful during wartime, it could also be useful during peacetime.  The Germans gave the word “Propaganda” a bad connotation, so Bernaise looked for a different word for the same thing and came up with “Public Relations”.

Bernaise believed people had base, dangerous and irrational desires because of their animal origins.  They needed to be suppressed or guided.  He felt there were four main motivations…
  1. Self Preservation
  2. Aggression
  3. Security
  4. Sex

His uncle was Sigmund Freud.  They collaborated on several projects.

In America, the powers-that-be saw how propaganda had been used in Europe for evil purposes.  They wanted to control those base desires in the citizenry here so in the 1950s they opened Community Health Clinics.

Today’s Health Care Bill includes visitations by health care professionals to provide counseling, a modern form of Community Health Clinics.

Glenn sees Cass Sunsteen, the regulatory czar, as a modern day Edward Bernaise.  One key difference is that Cass Sunsteen is not selling bacon or cigarettes; he will be trying to change society in fundamental ways.

Glenn held up the book “Animal Spirits: How Human Psychology Drives the Economy, and Why It Matters for Global Capitalism”
He commented that it makes more sense as to why many members of the administration were reading that book.

Studying Edward Bernaise is part of his e4 Project, Education.  This will help you understand what is going on in our society today.

Edward Bernaise believed that people were animals and only the four primary drives counted.
  1. Self Preservation
  2. Aggression
  3. Security
  4. Sex

Glenn then showed a clip of Bernaise’s daughter discussing her father’s philosophy.  She explained that her father felt that democracy was nice, but people needed to be guided from above to prevent them from voting for the wrong man.  Sort of an enlightened despotism.

For Bernaise, if people were animals…
  • How can you keep them from rising up?
  • How can you control them?
  • If individuals are only part of a bewildered herd, then the Declaration of Independence is wrong.
  • He and, at the time, Walter Lippmann looked at our government as a way to control people, not as a way to govern them.

Talks about “regimenting and guiding the masses” by an educated minority.

His daughter further discussed how her father thought that the masses were “stupid”.  His children were “stupid”.  His employees were “stupid”.  In effect, anyone who did not do things as he would have done them was “stupid”.  “Stupid” and “dope” were commonly used terms.  Cass Sunsteen has said pretty much the same thing.

Glenn commented that occasionally this bleeds through from one of the governing elites.  He showed a video clip of Leslie Stahl interviewing Governor Edward Rendell (D-PA).  During this segment of the interview, he calls Leslie and other people behind the camera “Idiots” and “you are simpletons” if you don’t get his concept.

Glenn then showed a quote from Francis Fox-Piven discussing the unemployed coming together as a collective (herd) and how they would turn their anger (Aggression) against the bosses, the bureaucrats to express their anger.  This is a version of Bernaise’s thinking. 

Glenn feels that if we do not recognize history, we will keep repeating it.

When government, science and media collaborate, there are problems ahead.

The Left thinks that they are using Saul Alinsky’s methods, but it is basically Bernaise’s.

Glenn suggests that you do your own homework.

Go to for more information.

He suggests reading “Propaganda”.  It will blow your mind.

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