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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, January 25, 2011


  • Glenn showed a video clip of Valerie Jarrett, a key Presidential aid, previewing tonight’s State of the Union speech.
  • Glenn also reported that the White House is justifying the anti-American song played at the State Dinner for the Chinese President.

Assassination Attempt on Jay Nixon, Governor of MO

  • Zero reporting by major media.
  • Only covered by about 10 local papers.
  • Occurred on September 14th, 2010, just before the election.
  • The governor was to speak at a college.
  • The perpetrator mistook a college dean for the governor and stabbed him several times.
  • Bystanders subdued the perpetrator.
  • The dean survived the attack.
  • Glenn speculated that perhaps the media ignored the story because the perpetrator is an uber-Leftest.
  • Glenn showed several quotes from the attacker’s Facebook page.  In them, he calls for revolution.
  • Glenn reported that within the last 24 hours, 11 policemen have been shot.  He, Glenn, calls for everyone to support the police.
  • Glenn reviewed his grouping of American assassins he developed on yesterday’s program with the Conservative group having 0 and the Leftist/Progressive group having the most.


  • The Wall Street Journal ran an article “IMF: Instability Threatens Recovery”.
  • Glenn notes that if your goal is revolution, stability interferes with that goal.
  • He showed quotes from several revolutionary sources.
  • Tomorrow, Glenn is releasing his report on the 12ers (Shia Muslims whose belief is that the 12th Imam will return when the world is in chaos. – Ed)
  • Groups calling for Chaos – What they are Looking For
    • 12ers (Iran) – Chaos
    • Communists in Europe – Riots and Chaos
    • American Communists/Revolutionaries – Chaos
    • George Soros – New World Order – Chaos (Banking)
  • Edward Bernaise, an early progressive, wrote about bringing order out of chaos.


  • News to watch for…
    • World Jobless Rate – 205 million people unemployed.
    • Young People – 78 million jobless.
  • Countries that want stability
    • China – Millions of men out of work with no possibility of marriage.
    • Middle East – Millions of young men with bleak futures and blaming it on someone.
  • If you want a revolution, you don’t want everyone working and happy.  Glenn proposes that’s why Francis Fox-Piven and others are focusing on organizing and rousing the unemployed in this country.
  • The President promised that inner city youth would be a top priority when he was elected.  Between 2009 – 2010, one third of African-American men aged 16 – 24 had jobs in New York City (i.e., 66% unemployment rate).
  • Nationwide, 44.2% unemployment rate among youths of 16 – 19.

The American Experiment – Can Man Rule Himself?
  • Glenn discussed the American Experiment that was profiled on yesterday’s program.  The logical question is if man can rule himself, then how is this done?
  • Glenn showed a video clip of Van Jones speaking at a function posing a thought experiment to the audience.  They were asked to envision everyone putting their names on a slip of paper and putting it in a container to be drawn out.  Jones’ question was if you were to draw out the name of someone, could you switch lives with that person and guarantee that that person’s life would be a good one?  Glenn points out that not only is this impossible, no one would want to do that.
  • Glenn then discussed equal opportunity, not equal outcome as a form of social organization.  Specifically, he discussed one equal outcome society, Russia.  Even there, the elites were provided better than equal food, housing, medical care, jobs, etc.
  • He then showed a quote from Edward Bernaise, an early American progressive, advocating committees of wise men who would decide on our conduct, what we would wear, what we would eat, etc.
  • Next up was a video clip of the Reverend Al Sharpton speaking in a church and interpreting Martin Luther King’s dream for the congregation.  In Reverend Sharpton’s version, the dream was not to put one black man in the White House, but that “…everything (was) equal in everybody’s house.”
  • Glenn notes that this country has always been about opportunity, not stuff.
  • He discussed advertisements based on his radio experience of many years.  Ads, he said, are designed to create a need, a hole in you that their product could fill.  Ads are always about you not being complete. 
  • Glenn proposes, “There is nothing you need to be happy besides God and family.” 
  • You create your life.  There is no government program that can do that.

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