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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, April 6, 2011

Glenn is Leaving the Show

  • Glenn is leaving the program, but not leaving Fox. 
    • It will be later on this year.
  • Because he reads progressive documents, he can see the signs as events occur. 
    • For example, the Tunisian revolution he saw as an event that could be an “Archduke Ferdinand” moment. 
    • That is, an event that is unnoticed at the time that leads to greater events down the road. 
    • The assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand led to World War One.
  • Energy prices are going up, food inflation, spontaneous riots, unions, violence and political unrest.  They’ve happened before, but now they are cascading.
  • He has “virtual researchers” who do research on topics Glenn doesn’t have time to research.  They are mostly college students.  He showed a global map and indicated points on the map that had been highlighted in various countries because there have been significant events that have happened there recently.
  • “The Coming Insurrection”, he feels is a blueprint for coming events. 
    • See à
    • He recommended it first in July 2009. 
    • It may be viewed as a history book by the end of the year.
    • The actions called for in this book may be dismissed by many because people have a “Normalcy Bias”. 
      • That is they want things to be normal and view out-of-the-ordinary events with almost denial in an effort to see the normal in the non-normal.
  • He discussed how news is presented today – as isolated events with little or no context for them.  And how this leads you feeling that all this disjointed activity can’t affect you.
  • He will show a number of events and doesn’t claim that they are all coordinated.  It’s more like “the invisible hand” in economics.  He showed some cell phones and discussed how the producers of cell phones coalesce around the winning design, not because there is a single individual planning for it, but because that is how successful ideas are adopted in their particular industry.
  • When he looks at the news, he sees that Western ideals and capitalism are dead.
  • He showed a long list of names of people that are in the news.  They differ, but all want the same thing. 
    • They want a different world. 
    • And they will seek to use a crisis to trigger that change.  
    • As an example, he picked the IMF and showed a quote from an IMF spokesperson that said that to achieve a new world, things would have to change from the market towards the state.


  • Everyone praised the revolution before anyone knew much about it.
  • Glenn advocated waiting to see what exactly was happening.
  • For instance, in the 2008 election, both Obama and McCain were talking “change”.
    • Neither one defined it, but it meant different things to those two.
    • Then, people were in love with “change”.  Now, they are raving about “democracy”.
    • Democracy in those countries undergoing revolution has not been defined.
  • The New York Times wrote…

“For many people, life today is even harder than before, especially for the poor and for those who survive on tourism.  No one is joking…There is no happiness, no work.  The country is a mess.”

Glenn suggests remembering “Life is …harder…for the poor.”

  • From the AP; “Islamists look for gains.”

“Attacked Christians and liquor stores, trying to impose their austere version of Islamic law on provincial towns.”

They use intimidation to accomplish their goals.  Make note of the union tactics in Madison, Wisconsin.

  • He then discussed Samantha Power and how she is described in The Nation magazine…

“War as an instrument of achieving her liberal, even radical, values.”

Ms Power has President Obama’s ear.  She has been closely associated with George Soros.


  • Leaders from France, England and Germany have discussed the failure of multiculturalism.
  • A Muslim leader in France said…

“This fascist climate evokes the somber history of the occupation in France which sent thousands of Jews by train to the death camps.”

  • He showed a picture of Muslims kneeling in prayer in the street of a French city. 
    • They completely filled the street for more than a block.
  • Now, socialists, communists and anarchists have come out in support of the Muslims.
    • Glenn feels that this mixture of secular radicals together with the religious fundamentalists can lead to large events breaking out.
    • He suggests watching for the combination of communists, socialists and unions. 
      • Also the Freedom Flotilla.

Freedom Flotilla

  • It is scheduled for May.
  • A number of countries were shown supporting the Freedom Flotilla.
  • A Canadian spokesperson for the Canadian ship said…

“Netanyahu’s vow to use force is tantamount to a death threat against the Canadian and international participants in the flotilla…What will candidates running in this election do to ensure the safety and security of those on board the Canadian boat to Gaza.”

  • Glenn feels that Israel is being set up.

Discusses Departure

  • Glenn again discussed leaving the program. 
    • He said he would continue to develop material in different formats. 
    • He encourages everyone to step up his or her efforts.

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