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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Glenn Beck Program April 26, 2011

What’s Important?

  • The President did not recognize Easter.  Nor did Google.
  • The President loves the birth certificate issue because it is a distraction.
  • What freedom is Cass Sunsteen regulating out of your life today?
  • There is a lot of what is important to discuss.
  • The Peace Flotilla is due to start soon.
  • Forget…
    • The plight of Christians in China.
    • The plight of Christians in Iraq
    • The plight of the Coptic Christians in Egypt.
    • The Jews in Israel.
  • A Palestinian State will be in place by September.  Israel is being sold down the river.

The Responsibility to Protect

  • The Responsibility to Protect…
    • Was used as a justification to go to war in Libya.
    • Was invented by Samantha Power.
      • She is no friend of Israel.
    • The core principal – is to intervene to protect if a sovereign state is not living up to its responsibilities to protect its population.  This means…
    • Hundreds of thousands died in Darfur and Rwanda with no Responsibility to Protect.
    • 35,000 people have died in Mexico with no Responsibility to Protect.
  • Do we have a Responsibility to Protect our neighbor next door?
  • What is the administration doing about this?


1,000 – deaths in Libya before we intervened.
  400 – deaths in Syria.
35,000 – deaths of people killed on our border in drug related incidents since
2006.    That’s when President Calderon was elected.  You have to go back to the Korean War to see 35,000 people killed in four years.
    60% - the percentage increase in killings in Mexico in 2010
15,273 – killings in Mexico in 2010
  9,616 – killings in Mexico in 2009
  2,833 – killings in Mexico this year so far.
  8,800 - civilians killed in Afghanistan in the last four years.

Other Mexico Related Information

  • Mass graves are being found.
  • People don’t know who to turn to for help.
  • In the Mexican town of San Fernando…
    • 177 people were killed
    • They were stopped at checkpoints on public roads.
    • They were pulled off busses, their identification removed.
    • They were killed by blunt trauma to the head.  A sledgehammer was found at the scene.
  • We are dealing with evil.
  • Terror is now being used as a tactic.
    • A farmer was able to only scrape up half the ransom demanded.  Sop the gang returned only half the man’s son.
    • Four women and a teen-aged girl were found stripped in a beauty parlor – their throats cut.
    • Five children, ages 4 – 15 were killed.
    • Easter and the President’s birth certificate are deemed to be of much more importance.
    • An IED (Improvised Explosive Device) was found on an overpass in Brownsville, TX.
    • A manual on building bombs was found in the desert.  It was printed in Iran and dedicated to “in memory of our martyrs.”
    • The Los Zetas gang blew up 22 cars in Mexico and killed dozens of people.
      • Their weapon of choice - IEDs.
      • The gang was started by Mexican soldiers who defected from the army.
      • They were highly trained by US Special Forces to go after the drug cartels.
      • Now, they are a drug cartel.
      • They are operating in the U.S. in 230 cities nationwide.
      • They are getting support from terrorist organizations including Al Queda and Hezbollah.

The Administration

    • What is the Dept of Justice (DoJ) doing about this?  Is the DoJ cracking down on the border or on the Los Zetas in the 230 American cities?  No!
    • We will be remembered as a suicidal nation.
    • He showed a video of President Obama saying if you arrived here through Ellis Island or came over the Rio Grande, you were all connected.
    • He showed a video of Representative Louis Gutierrez (D-MI) urging the President to use his executive powers to do an end run around the system and fix the immigration problem.
      • He is asking for a dictator.
    • We do have a Responsibility to Protect – the people and the Constitution first and foremost.
    • We have set up gun dealers along the border and are now condemning them for support they provided the ATF.  Also, gun manufacturers are about to be sued by the Mexican government.

Your Passport

  • linked with a story at
  • There are new supplemental forms to obtain a passport for certain individuals.
    • One is two pages, the other five pages.
    • The new form requires…

“The US Department of State is preparing a new biographical questionnaire for some passport applicants:  The proposed new form, DS-5513, asks for all addresses since birth, lifetime employment history including employers and supervisors names, addresses and telephone numbers, personal details of all siblings, mother’s address one year prior to your birth, any “religious ceremony” around the time of birth and a variety of other information.  According to the proposed form, “failure to provide this information requested may result in…the denial of your US passport application.

·        The OMB estimates a completion time of 45 minutes.
·        How does any of this relate to obtaining a passport?
·        You can read the State Department’s response to our questions at
·        The forms themselves are all at
·        Who do they not want leaving the country?

The Enemy Within – The Fed

  • Glenn showed four charts concerning the money supply.  You can see them here à
    • The Adjustable Monetary Base
    • Excess Reserves of Depository Institutions
    • Federal Surplus or Deficit
    • The Velocity of M2 Money Stock
      • The Fed is printing money.
      • The banks are sitting on the money (buying treasury notes with it).
      • The velocity is low, however, because the banks are not releasing it into the economy.
  • On that page is a link to the analysis he described for each.
  • We are on track to hit our debt ceiling of $14.3 trillion by May 16th.
  • Treasury Secretary Geithner is quoted as saying “It’s ridiculous debate to have raising the debt ceiling.”
  • A new Executive Order by the President requires all companies wanting to do business with the government to disclose if it or any of its executives have contributed more than $5,000 in political contributions.
  • Health and Human Services served notice they will begin enforcing existing rules that allow them to bar corporate leaders from doing business with the government if there has been criminal misconduct.  The DoD and the EPA also have similar rules.
  • Glenn showed a video clip of a German woman at a rally being given by Muslim extremists asking where were the people standing up to this hate speech.

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