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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Glenn Beck Program April 28, 2011

In-studio Audience

  • Nearly are 250 killed by tornados in the South.
  • Texas Governor Rick Perry requested assistance from the federal government two weeks ago.  So far, no response.
  • The focus of Glenn’s program is on courage and love.
  • How do you get a free people to walk into a cage? 

Indoctrinationand Loss of Freedoms

  • Some believe that people should be given limited choices so they will be prevented from making bad ones.
  • Glenn feels we are losing our freedoms.
  • He showed a video of a past Miss America discussing her pat down at the airport and felt violated by the way the screener groped her.
  • He talked to Representative Adam West (R-FL) and wants Adam to run for President.  Adam said that the mindset of the political parties is breaking down.  We have to go out and find candidates who will truly represent us.
  • Glenn showed a video of a preacher being arrested for impeding a business.  He was reading the bible on the sidewalk.  Glenn pointed out that unions do that all the time and they don’t get arrested.  The police released a statement…
“We would have grated them a permit to go out and preach…there is a mechanism to be allowed to protest…we don’t inhibit people’s right to free speech – we regulate it.”

  • Glenn then showed the cover of the new Superman comic book where Superman renounces his American citizenship…  Said Superman...
“I’m tired of having my actions construed as instruments of U.S. policy.  Truth, justice and the American way… It’s not enough anymore.”

Indoctrinating School Children
·        Look at the messages our kids are getting anymore.
·        He showed a video of high school kids in Tucson, AZ protesting at a school board meeting by chaining themselves to the desks and yelling chants.  The reason for the demonstration was that a Mexican-American history class was shut down because it advocated the overthrow of the U.S. government, promoted hatred for white people and called for replacing Thanksgiving with a “Day of Atonement” including a call for death to the invader.
·        Glenn feels the kids are rioting because they have been taught that they have no future because of the evil corporations, the immoral U.S. government and a rotten Constitution.
o       In the 1960s, the rioting students were in college.  Today, they are in high school or even earlier.
·        In Texas, the ACLU has forced a policy change in the schools so that students no longer have to stand for the pledge of allegiance.  Previously, they were allowed to not say the pledge.
·        In one Massachusetts school, parents had to sign a permission slip so their children could say the pledge.  Another school gave up offering it at all.
·        Glenn showed a video of a teacher discussing the best way to get Marxism into the classroom.
·        He showed portions of the anti-capitalism cartoon file, “The Story of Stuff” and a follow-on film.
·        He then showed a web page at where kids are taught to stop evil corporations before they destroy the earth.
·        He showed a video of a CA teacher promoting socialism at a rally of students.
·        “Maria Talks” is a Massachusetts web site that advocates abortion.  One advice item worries about the psychological effects of giving up your baby for adoption.
·        Glenn notes that there is an effort to get kids to not listen to their parents.  He showed a video of Al Gore telling young people not to talk to their parents.
·        In New York, convicted felons are teaching school.  Parents are outraged.  Mayor Bloomberg says the contract prevents him from doing anything about it.  Glenn said that if the government can abrogate the contracts at GM, why couldn’t we do it with convicted felons in the classroom?  It’s only our children that are affected.
People Who Have “Had it”
·        Glenn introduced several audience members who have “had it” and went out and did something about it.
o       One lady objected to portions of her daughter’s textbook.  She has been working to get the book removed from the classroom.  For more information see facebook:eye on the board
o       On man objected to the movies being shown and descriptions of the U.S. Constitution as being 400 years old and written by rich white guys.  For more information see
·        Glenn notes that our children are not learning what we learned growing up.  He discusses the TV show “Glee”.  The kids are bright, attractive and talented.  But the values they express are terrible – the kids are sleeping with each other and sing anti-capitalist songs.
·        Glenn then discussed the family of his Chief of Staff, Joe.  Joe’s mother is from Korea and worked at a 7-11.  One night she came home from work and the kids hadn’t done their homework and were watching TV.  She picked up the TV and threw it out on the front lawn.  Joe’s family didn’t get another TV until he was 18.
·        Another audience member fights against pay raises for teachers because of the values being taught.  For more information see
·        Another audience member is involved with a Christian private school.  She is seeing a groundswell of parents trying to leave the public school system.  For more information see
·          Another site mentioned is

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