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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Glenn Beck Program April 18, 2011

  • Glenn has been warning for five years about the financially unsustainability path the country is on. 
    • And, he has been laughed at for saying it.
  • The Wall Street Journal has reported today “Standard and Poor’s Lowers US Outlook to Negative”. 
    • And, they said it would never happen.
  • In 2007, Glenn predicted that people would starve to death if we converted corn into ethanol for fuel for cars. 
    • He was derided as a fear monger for it then.
  • Now, the head of the World Bank says we are one world shock away from a global food crisis with food prices skyrocketing.
  • Food Price increases…
    • Food :            Up 0.8% / 30 days
    • Coffee:           Up 3.5% / 1 year
    • Meat:             Up 7% / 1 year
    • Dairy:             Up 15% / 30 days
    • Wheat:           Up 300% / 2 years
    • Corn:             Up 100% / 6 months

  • The 9/12 seniors were asked to check food prices on 12/21 and again on 04/05.
    • Ground beef:            Up 11%
    • Milk:                        Up 6.6%
    • Cheese:                    Up 12%
  • The Left likes to demonize companies they do not like with complaints about their profits.  Let’s compare two companies…
    • Big Oil - profit margin less than 8%.
    • Apple Computer - profit margin 42.9%.
  • Politico is reporting…
“The Emir of Qatar came by the oval office today, and he owns Al Jezeera basically…today when he visits the White House, officials tell him they watch Al Jezeera to monitor the protests.  And, at the State Dept., when you go down the hallway, you see it on virtually every TV and computer.”

  • Gas today is $3.83/gallon.  We’re coming on the summer months and the Middle East is on fire.  Do you expect gas prices to go up or down?
  • The Saudis said today they will reduce production by 800,000 barrels per day because there is a world oil surplus.
  • The ATF is seeking to limit firearms based on their definition of what is appropriate for sporting use.  (See 
    • Glenn didn’t think that the Second Amendment ever considered sporting use.
  • Glenn sees the Constitution differently than the President does.  The President sees it as a charter of negative liberties and he wants one of positive liberties.

The Constitution – Two Views
Negative Charter                                                Positive Charter
            1st – Free speech, free media,                               1st – Limited speech (No “Hate”)
                   Free to worship God                                    Govt funded media (NPR)
                                                                                           Worship God unless…
2nd - Right to own a gun                                           -
    (Protect against oppressive govt)               

·        If you see the Constitution as a charter of positive values, Glenn has nothing in common with you.
·        Glenn showed a video of Nancy Pelosi saying elections shouldn’t matter very much.  Glenn remarked that Edward Bernaise, George Bernard Shaw and all the big Progressives said the same thing.
·        He showed another clip of Pelosi talking about seeing hateful speech before from the 60s. 
o       Jim Jones, a communist, and his congregation drank poisoned Kool Aid. 
o       San Francisco’s Harvey Milk was shot by a Democrat.
o       He said then that unrest will come to the Middle East and it did. 
o       Then, it will come to Europe and it did. 
o       Then, it will come to America and it did. 
·        In the last ten days…
o       Madison, WI – AFL-CIO members even booed the playing of the national Anthem.  (Showed video.)
-         Showed a video of people disrespecting a 14-year-old girl trying to give a speech.
o       Oregon – He showed a video of a protestor saying “I wipe my a__ every night with the American flag.”
o       Louis Farrakhan – Showed a video of him saying that the little Jewish mayor of Las Vegas wouldn’t come out to greet the nig___ US President. 
-         Glenn asks if that is not worth mentioning on the nightly news, or standing up against. 
-         Glenn notes that Farrakhan has a following of 18,000 people,
o       Posted on Vanity Fair’s web site Friday while Glenn’s program was still on…
“His guests are Pastor John Hagee, the portly apocalypto preacher-man, Dore Gold, notable Israeli bore and an American Rabbi whose name I will jot down the moment he says something interesting.”
o       Bill Ayres gave an interview…
Host:  “Do you regret setting those bombs?”
Ayres:  “Not at all and the reason is that no one, no one was killed.  Property was destroyed.  Meanwhile, every week that the war went on, 6,000 people were killed…The Weather Underground indeed did take responsibility for a handful – maybe a dozen – you know, extreme acts of vandalism, that’s true.  And so compared to what was being done in Vietnam, including the illegal bombing of cities which John McCain took part in and he, of course, is a war criminal.”  (Larry Elder Radio Program, April 12th)
·        Glenn commented on three Weather Underground bombings…
1.      1970  pipe bomb – killed 1 police officer, wounding another.
2.      1970 explosion – killed 3 Weather Underground members.
3.      1981 Armed Robery – 5 people were killed.
Of course, these were just acts of extreme vandalism.
·        The Power Shift Conference.
o       Glenn showed a photo taken at the conference with President Obama meeting with attendees.
-         Held in the Roosevelt Room of the White House.
-         The Roosevelt Room is right next to the Oval Office.
-         The Roosevelt Room is used for Cabinet Meetings.
-         But Cabinet Secretaries have said that they have yet to meet with the President several years into his administration.
o       Van Jones spoke.  Glenn showed a video of Jones saying to the young people at the conference to ignore your elders if they listen to Fox News.
o       Glenn noted that Bill Ayres said in the 1960s that children should kill their parents.
·        Glenn showed a chart of gas prices from 2005 to the present.  On the chart were events placed at the appropriate time in the chart line.
·        He asked the following three questions…
1.      Is the Middle East becoming more or less stable?
2.      Are we depending on us?
3.      Are we making friends that can help?
·        Glenn notes that Utah and surrounding states have more oil in the shale formations than all of the Middle East plus Venezuela combined.
·        Also, we have coal enough to last for centuries (not just decades).
·        He showed a picture of the French woman politician, Le Penn, who, if she defeats Sarkozy in the next election, will have France leave NATO and form a new partnership with Russia. 
·        He showed a picture of President Obama with Brazil’s new President. 
o       Glenn commented that we have loaned $2 billion to Brazil’s oil company to help them develop their new oil field. 
o       President Obama has also given permission to Brazil to construct a floating oil and gas storage facility in the Gulf of Mexico.
·        Ethanol demand is consuming about 40% of US corn production.
·        He showed a map of the US with color-coding of areas devoted to growing corn. 
o       92.2 million acres are planted in corn.
-         That is 4 million acres more than last year.
o       Meanwhile our corn reserves are reaching a 15 year low.
o       A commodity trader told Glenn we have only a 15 – 18 day supply of grain in our silos.
o       Last year 13 billion gallons of ethanol were produced.
-         That is up 800% over a decade.
o       This year we will produce 13.5 bushels of corn.  Its use is…
-         Ethanol – 37%
-         Food      - 8.3%
-         Exports  - 16%


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  2. Typo on the number,
    Yes, that profit margin argument would hold water if ipods sold at the same rate as oil....
    Apple profit Q4 2010 - 4.31 billion
    Exxon profit Q4 2010 - 9.25 billion

    I agree with beck on every one of his fundamental stances (-israel) but sometimes he uses logical fallacies to support his arguments which are annoying