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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Glenn Beck Program April 22, 2011

In studio audience.
o       Glenn is leaving the program. 
o       There are other things he wants to do. 
o       He feels a responsibility to “ring the bell”, but he does not feel that he can reach any more people in this venue.
o       He thinks we should get involved.
o       He is tired of waiting for others to lead, so leadership devolves on us.
o       It is time for him as a citizen to get involved, more than he is here.
o       Now, he is “preaching to the choir”.


  • Glenn showed a chalkboard with faces on small magnetic boards of radicals surrounding President Obama.  He noted…
o       Van Jones – A 9/11 Truther
o       Apollo Alliance – Wrote the Stimulus Bill
o       Cass Sunsteen – Regulatory czar
o       Samantha Power – Ms. Cass Sunsteen. 
o       Understands war can be used to advance liberal causes. 
o       Has the President’s ear.

o       In Washington this week there is a US/Islamic World Forum to help Muslims get united.

o       Audience Question:  What happens to the people who bring down the system?
      Answer:   Nothing.  That’s a reason to belong to the political class.  You are insulated from that sort of thing.  Insider will protect him.  See the housing crisis.

o       There was a discussion of why George Soros might want to collapse the system.

o       Glenn reorganized most of the people on the board into four categories…
1.      Thugs
2.      Thinkers
3.      Do-ers, organizers, Marxists
4.      Media Control
o       Glenn posits that our situation today is similar to Rome’s with Octavia, the first Roman dictator.  Rome was a republic until Octavia took over.  However, he left the structure and symbols (the Roman Senate) in place so people still felt they lived in a republic.
o       There was a discussion of possibly resisting such an overthrow.
o       Glenn noted that Bill Ayres was willing to kill 25 million Americans to see his revolution succeed.
o       Glen thinks that Hillary Clinton will become the public face of the post-overthrow system.
o       Regulation is a way to implement public policy without paying for it.
1.      You don’t have to go through Congress.
2.      You don’t have to answer to voters.
3.      You don’t have to pay for it.
§         American businesses spend about $1.7 trillion per year in regulatory compliance.
§         That figure is more than all company profits, or company income taxes.

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