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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, April 5, 2011

  • Republicans want to cut $40 billion from this year’s budget.  This amounts to…
    • 3.3% of the yearly deficit
    • 1.05% of the 2011 budget
    • 0.28% of the entire National Debt (Most important to our kids.)

Normalcy Bias

  • Normalcy bias is the tendency to discount out-of-the-ordinary events as not real and to hold on to the view that normalcy still exists.  (Ed – My definition.) 
  • See more here à 
  • Glenn discussed how some of the people in the World Trade Center buildings reacted after the airplanes struck the building.  Some wanted to go back to their offices to turn off their computer, or pick up their coat, etc.

Coordinated Demonstrations

  • Glenn showed a split screen view of several union demonstrations from different countries around the world. 
  • They were demonstrating against capitalism and the western way of life. 
  • He discussed the Madison, WI rally and noted the large number of young people. 
    • Lenin, he said, had a term for them – useful idiots. 
  • Glenn said that when other media outlets criticize him for pointing out all the communist and socialist signage, etc, they don’t refute the claim, they call him crazy.

Excerpts from Socialists in Support

  • From the Socialist Party USA; “Democracy in the Streets:  Madison Mobilizes to Defeat the Anti-Labor Walker.”
  • From Solidarity; “Statement from Wisconsin;  Solidarity; We Can, We Must, We Will.”
  • From the Democratic Socialists of America;  “Emergency WI Solidarity Rally”
  • These organizations are coordinating.  They are socialists, communists, radicals, and unions.
    • If you are in a union, your union is working with socialists and communists.
  • From the Socialist Worker On-Line; “How we are deepening the Egyptian Revolution.”
  • He went on to show other socialist web sites and papers.
  • Following that he showed this from Sam Web, the Head of the Communist Party USA…
“The battle in Wisconsin electrified (for good reasons) this whole country.  But the counteroffensive is not just Wisconsin.  It is national in scope, diverse in form, creative in tactics, and united in action.  This nationwide tapestry of struggle is multi-threaded, woven in varied patterns, loops and colors.”

  • Glenn asks why there are no hearings in Washington?  It is not just here in the U.S.  It is global in scope.  He then held up a collection of letters from unions from all over the world saying the same message, the same way.
  • He then played an audio clip of Francis Fox Piven on Revolution…
    • Piven: “Look at Egypt.  Look at the protests in England…and to Bahrain and perhaps Libya…I think we may see a series of protest movements in the U.S.”
    • Host: “Would you think, Francis, that the movement could be led with these students?”
    • Piven: “I think it could happen.  I hope it will happen.”
  • The goal of these revolutions is the overthrow of their governments.
    • The unions want the same thing here.
    • On the screen behind Glenn was presented a list of a number of unions and organizations in countries around the world pledging solidarity with the union efforts in Madison, WI.

Overview Recap – This is what is going on.

Part 1 The radical Islamists/communists/ socialists will
·        Work together against Israel.
·        Work together against capitalism.
·        Work together to overturn stability.

Part 2 is next. It is The Protests Become Contagious
·        They cascade
·        They sweep the Middle East
·        They begin to destabilize Europe and the rest of the world.


  • He then showed a video of one rally where the signs read, “Eat the Rich” and “Eat their Brains”.  There were children at that rally and many of them were made up to look like zombies, complete with blood dripping down their chins onto their chests.

Collective Bargaining

  • FDR was against collective bargaining for government workers.
  • Even the head of the AFL-CIO in 1955 came out against it saying it was “impossible to collectively bargain with the government.”

Hijacking History

  • Glenn encouraged everyone to become educated on this history of the country.  He said that history was being hijacked.
  • He recapped Bill Ayres history…
    • Bombings
    • People were killed in an armed robbery.
    • Glenn showed a video of an FBI informant discussing the Weather Underground’s plan for post-revolution re-education camps and the willingness to kill 25 million people that they estimated would not convert to their ideology.
  • Glenn then showed union letters to the businesses in Madison, relative to the signs the unions wanted the business to display.

“Failure to do so will leave us no choice but to do a public boycott of your business.  And sorry, neutral means ‘no’ to those who work for the largest employer in the area and are union members.”

  • Glenn asks if this sounds like love or is more like a threat.

Some Union History

1877 – B&L railroad workers went on strike.  Their wages had been cut twice.  The state militia was called, but they sided with the workers and didn’t do anything.  Protests spread to several states.  Protesters took control of several cities, destroying property.  Ultimately, federal troops were sent in.

The New York Times reported “Anarchy in Italy:  Many are Killed:  Warships Ready”.  This uprising ended in Mussolini taking control.

It all starts with intimidation.  In Wisconsin, unions are saying that the states are not broke.  The states have the money.
  • In California, they need a 20% return on their investments just to make ends meet.  Who can get that?  That’s Bernie Madoff territory.  Does that make sense?
  • Florida’s budget assumed a 7% return, but over the last decade they actually received 2.6%.
  • Glenn referred back to Stephen Lerner’s Economic Terrorism plan to collapse the stock market.  He pointed out that the pension funds of unions and government workers are invested in the stock market and wonders how that will work out.

Van Jones

Glenn discussed the 9/11 attacks and how most people drew together the next day.  Then he showed a video of Van Jones speaking at a rally on September 12th, the day after the attack.  In part, this is what Van Jones had to say.

“We want to also understand though, that their lives were lost because of our government’s inhumane foreign policy.  And, we should be angry and we should be ****ed off at what our country does around the rest of the world that leads us not to be safe here.”

“It’s the bombs that the government has been dropping around the world that are now blowing up inside U.S. borders.  We have something stronger than bombs.  We have solidarity.”

Glenn suggests people be careful where you stand.  Like his mother used to tell him “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.”  Union members, decide who you want to stand with.  This will be the summer of revolution.

Fight Back USA! Teach In

  • The Teach In was held today with 269 campuses across the U.S. participating.
  • From William Paterson University was this…

“Employee unions to unite and take back the statehouse…we must fight against all assaults on the public good.”

  • Fight Back was billed as a “60s style teach-in meets the digital age in live stream webcast.”
  • The stars of the Teach In were Francis Fox Piven, Cornell West and Richard Trumpka, President of the AFL-CIO union.
  • Key National Groups Associated with the Teach In
    • American Federation of Teachers
    • National Education Association
    • Many, many others.
    • Many of these are financed by George Soros.

Tree of Corporate Destruction

Glenn held up a drawing of the “Tree of Corporate Destruction” that looked similar to his “Tree of Revolution” he developed several months ago.

He showed an old 60s picture of Francis Fox Piven taken at Columbia University.  In the picture, she is climbing up the side of a building and being helped by a student, Tom Haden.
  • Tom Haden started the 60s radical group, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) in 1961.
  • Recently, Tom wrote an article for the left wing magazine The Nation “Samantha Power Goes to War (March 30, 2011)

“Over a long conversation with Power in December 2003, I was struck by the generational factor in her thinking.  If she had experienced Vietnam in her early twenties, I felt she would have joined the radical left, suspicious always of American power.  She began to see war as an instrument to achieve her liberal, even radical values.”

  • Glenn notes that she is the White House advisor on Human Rights and has Obama’s ear.  Now we don’t have war for oil, we have war for radical values.
  • Glenn discussed some of the radicals around President Obama and others like Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn helping to organize the “Freedom Flotilla” set to sail to Gaza in May. 

“Disconnected” Events
  • He also discussed other “completely disconnected” events such as…
    • Starting a 3rd war in a Muslim country.
    • Keeping Gitmo open even though he claimed it was inflaming the Muslim world
    • Calling for the youth of the Middle East to rise up and then ignoring the rising up in Iran.
  • Lastly he discussed five Christians arrested in Iran for blasphemy. 
    • Their crime was to hold church in their homes.
    • They have been in jail for a year already.
    • Their trial starts today or tomorrow.

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