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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Glenn Beck Program April 27, 2011

There is an in-studio audience today.
  • Glenn showed a book, “The Holy Experiment”.
    • Only 500 copies printed in 1920.

Threats to the Economy
  • The Fed held its first ever press conference.
  • Gas, food and the stock market are all going up because the Fed is printing money.
  • No one is saying anything about this.
  • He showed a quote from Stephen Lerner, SEIU executive, on his plans to bring down the stock market and the banking system.
  • Glenn asks why the apathy?  Considering the entire economy would be affected, why is there no coverage of this?
  • Glenn then showed a video of a teacher discussing the most effective way to introduce Marxism into the classroom.
  • Another video was of a Revolutionary Socialist speaker saying they need to get younger and younger members into the organization – even down into high school age.
  • He showed a video of an elementary school class chanting an anti-capitalist chant.
  • Then, a video of Eric Holder saying that we are a “nation of cowards” in regards to race.
  • Glenn said that we would need to stand up and show courage in the future.
  • Glenn then showed a video of a man at a Tea Party event wearing a jacket with racist slogans being confronted by a Tea Party attendee telling him to go away, that he was not welcome there, and that the Tea Party event was not racist. 
  • Glenn asks if you have real personal courage.
  • He showed a quote from Andy Stern, then president of SEIU, saying they are watching how people voted, where they live and they took names.
  • Glenn then showed various videos of fights in restaurants where people were watching and recording the fights, but not helping.  Another video showed a man on a street corner getting shot and no one went to help him.
  • We are losing the bond of love and courage.
  • Courage will be needed in the future.

·        Eric Metaxis, Author “Bonhoeffer, Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy”  ( )
·        Dinesh D’Souza, Author “The Roots of Obama’s Rage”  ( )

  • Bonhoeffer was born into an amazing family.
  • He was a German Lutheran pastor.
  • He stood in opposition to the Nazis.
  • He was executed in 1945 in a concentration camp.
  • He ultimately came to apply his philosophy in the real world, which led him to participate in a plot against Hitler.

  • Bonhoeffer wanted to meet Gandhi, but Gandhi’s non-violent tactics would not have worked with the Nazis.
  • Gandhi’s strategy was to change the British and convince them they were wrong.
  • Martin Luther King’s strategy was a take-off on Gandhi’s strategy.

The Defense of Marriage Act

  • The bill was passed into law.
  • The Department of Justice to not defend the law.
  • A private law firm took up the case.
  • The firm received threats and quit.
  • One lawyer at the firm, Paul Clement, continued on because he feels each side deserves adequate representation.
  • He had to leave and go to another firm to do this.

Glenn noted that Fredric Douglas had a memorable response to an attack on the Constitution.  Read it at

Glenn showed painting included in the book “The Holy Experiment”.  They were taken from paintings included in the Pennsylvania capitol building.

Glenn recommends going to his web site and review the section “Rumors of War”.

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