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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Glenn Beck Program April 19, 2011

  • New York bureaucrats have identified risky children’s’ games at summer camp…
    • Freeze Tag
    • Wiffle Ball
    • Kick Ball
    • Capture the Flag
    • Red Rover
    • Dodge Ball
  • If a summer camp wants to offer 2 of these activities, they must register with the state and pay a $200 fee.
  • It is amazing that the government will go to great lengths to protect kids against the above games, but does not issue warnings against the National Debt.
    • The debt went up $34 billion in one day.
  • Current inflation calculations have it at 2.7%. 
    • Using the old style formula, inflation is 9.6%
  • In 2008, Glenn talked about the US credit being downgraded.
  • He showed a bar chart.  People were asked if it was more likely that the stock market would have a 20% rally or a 20% pullback…
    • One survey was done in January, another in April.
    • In January, more people projected a rally.
    • In April, more people predicted a pullback.
  • The last time a credit rating agency reduced this country’s rating from stable to unstable was World War II.
    • The current reduction is due to the National Debt.
  • Gold has continued to climb since Glenn recommended it at less than $700 per ounce.
    • Recently gold went over $1,500 per ounce.
  • The government continues to borrow at a rate of $185 million every hour.
  • Only five countries in the last 20 years have been downgraded to unstable status.
    • And, only two have regained their stable status.
    • He showed a chart of the world’s largest economies.  Only two were negative.  They were…
      • The US
      • Spain
  • Glenn asks why are they not telling you to be prepared?  Why wouldn’t they want you to be prepared?
  • Glenn read a breaking news item – New York backed off from denouncing risky summer camp games.
  • When families spend too much, they have to downgrade their lifestyle to recover.
  • The University of Texas just bought $1 billion of physical gold.  They had it transferred to them.
  • The Left is preparing.  Why?  If they are preparing, should you?
  • Glenn recommended a book “America’s Prophet” ( ).
    • He rated it as one of the best books ever.
  • Glenn then discussed Israel, the Jewish tradition of Passover and President Obama’s Passover message.
  • on April 9th had an article “Egyptians March on Israeli Embassy”…
“Arab newspaper says protestors burned Israeli flags, handed out fliers calling for a third Intifada to be held on Nakba day.  More than 1,000 marched on the Israeli embassy…protestors demanded cutting all diplomatic and financial ties with Israel and opening of the Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza.”

Nakba Day is the day of catastrophe.  It is celebrated every year.
  • Glenn discussed Christians getting killed and attacked by Muslims through Africa and the Middle East.  And, he asks, where is President Obama on this issue?

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