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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Glenn Beck Program April 20, 2011

  • Teachers and what they are teaching.
    • Abraham Lincoln said that what was taught in the classroom will be the policy of the government in the next generation.
    • He showed a video of a teacher wearing a “Tax the Rich” T-shirt encouraging her students to get involved.
  • On stage, he has a table with a number of food and other items as discussion points.
  • Be prepared versus Everything is Fine.
  • If Everything isn’t Fine and you are not prepared, what does that make you?  Dependent.
  • The head of the World Bank said the world is “One Shock Away” from a global crisis. 
  • The IMF has told France that the US has “No viable plan” to reduce our debt.
  • Glenn discussed McDonalds one-day hiring project to hire 50,000 people. 
    • A job at McDonalds is certainly an opportunity for those who want to work, even as the First Lady wants no one to eat there.
  • Also, a Florida hiring office purchased $6,000 of capes to hand out to jobseekers as a motivational item. 
    • These capes were bought with taxpayer funds.
  • At the Huffington Post, an article “Financial System Riskier”
“The financial system poses an even greater risk to taxpayers than before the crisis, according to analysts at Standard and Poor’s.  The next rescue could be about a trillion dollars costlier, the credit rating agency warned

The potential for further extraordinary critical assistance to large players in the US financial sector poses a negative risk to the government’s credit rating…”
  • The next “crisis cleanup” would cost 34% of the country’s GDP. 
    • The last one was 26% of the GDP.
  • The Financial Regulation bill referred to by the President
    • Will control you. 
    • It will control your job and your business. 
    • The real big issues like the future of the currency, etc.; those processes are still being designed.
  • George Soros held another global conference attended by influential leaders and economists from around the globe.
    • They are planning for a new global financial order.
      • One without the dollar as the standard.
    • How is that possible?  Everything was just fixed.
      • Our leaders have assured us that it would never happen again.
      • What is the Soros group preparing for?
  • The Wall Street Journal reports the government is hurrying to sell off its remaining shares of GM, which will represent an $11 billion loss.
    • The government put in $50 billion.
  • Glenn held up a gold coin. 
    • He bought it at $670 for a one-ounce coin. 
      • Today, it sells for $1505.
    • A silver coin he bought at $15 per ounce.
      • Today it’s $44.
  • Glenn then discussed the Black Panthers joining up with the Nation of Islam.
    • Also, how the young communists and anarchists are being used by George Soros and his groups.
    • Glenn feels that the movement’s leaders are using the street level activists as dupes.
  • China will be using coal and oil.
    • They are al over the world buying and drilling for it. 
    • What will we be using?
  • Glenn then showed a video clip of President Obama speaking about coal – being dirty, causing air pollution and asthma in children.
    • But, according to the National Institute for health, coal does not cause asthma in children.
  • Today’s electricity production…
    • 45% coal
    • 20% nuclear
      • Glenn then showed an article from the Dallas Morning News “NRG Ends Project to Build New Nuclear Reactors” because the main financial backer, a Japanese power company, pulled out.  Glenn said that he thought this is the end of the line for all new nuclear reactors.
  • The Supreme Court is turning pollution back to the EPA.
    • An article “Justices Skeptical on Role of Courts in Setting Emission Standards”.
    • The EPA was previously headed by socialist Carol Browner. 
      • She then became the Climate Czar.
      • And is now at George Soros’ Center for American Progress.
    • Now the EPA is headed by Lisa Jackson.
      • She is all about redistribution and environmental justice.
      • Glenn showed a video clip speaking at a conference saying “…environmental justice…is concentrated in low income and minority neighborhoods.”
  • Offshore oil production is expected to be down 13% this year.
  • California trucking firms may go out of business due to new environmental controls.
  • A new group, US Uncut is launched.
    • It is “…a grassroots movement taking direct action against corporate tax cheats and unnecessary and unfair public service cuts all across the US…”  US Uncut is a “…horizontal movement.  There are no centrally planned protests.”
    • Glenn then showed a video of the parent organization, UK Uncut, rioting in London, smashing equipment, throwing objects at police, etc.
  • Previously, Glenn asked for a flash mob for goodness.  He showed a map from of Glenn Beck meet up groups all over the US as indicated by red dots.  You would be making a positive difference.
  • Remember Faith, Hope and Charity.

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