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Monday, April 4, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, April 4, 2011

Africa and the Middle East

  • Glenn showed a map of North Africa and the Middle East highlighting countries with uprisings.
  • He noted that we are arming rebels in Libya even though Al Queda is involved with them.
  • He then showed a video clip of President Obama speaking to the people of the Ivory Coast.  Obama was encouraging the people to accept the winner of the election for President, Alassono Ouattoro, even though supporters of Ouattoro have killed about 1,000 demonstrators over the last 3 days.
  • Glenn asks about the “Responsibility to Protect” the people in the Ivory Coast.
  • Glenn showed a quote from National Security Advisor on the Libyan intervention…

“We don’t make decisions about questions like intervention based on consistency or precedent…”

  • The French have sent in troops to help quell the violence in the Ivory Coast.


  • Glenn showed some video of demonstrators in Afghanistan rioting because some preacher in Florida burned a copy of the Koran.
    • Harry Reid said that he would look into the two ministers burning the Koran.
    • Glenn then continued the video of the Afghan demonstration showing them burning the American flag and shouting “Death to America”.

Destroying Israel

  • Glenn then discussed his theory that Islamists, communists, socialists and radicals are working together to destroy Israel.  As additional proof, he showed a quote from the Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who was quoted in an article “Israel Asks the U.N. to Prevent Gaza Flotilla”…

“Being organized by Islamic extremist elements , among others…”

  • Glenn notes that among the “others” is the Free Gaza Movement.  That Movement is composed of, among others, Code Pink, Bill Ayres, Women for Peace, Bernadine Dorn.  The Movement is quoted as saying…

“We sail not just for Gaza.  We sail to confront and challenge an entire apartheid regime that must be dismantled through citizen action.”

·        The U.N. has not responded.
·        Mohamed El Baradei, an Egyptian spokesperson announced…

“If Israel attacked Gaza we would declare war against the Zionist regime.”

·        The Egyptian military will be meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.  They want to work more closely together.
·        Glenn reviewed the Facebook page advocating a Third Palestinian Intifada (uprising).  The page includes…

“Judgment day will be brought upon us only once the Muslims have killed all the Jews…”

·        The page has 340,000 Friends.
·        This page was replaced by one advocating all Arabs march on Israel on May 15th for the Palestinian “Right of Return”.
·        May 15th is also the day the 2nd Gaza Freedom Flotilla sails for Gaza.

Bashing America
Glenn then displayed a letter to President Obama from European Islamic students which includes the following…

“Unlike in the past, the world is no longer your playground where you make up rules and force them upon oppressed nations in order to determine their destiny.  The nations of the world have vowed and are determined to shape their own destinies by overthrowing and driving out the Western imposed dictators.  Your government was condemned a long time ago in the court of public opinion and what you see today is the result of the deep disgust and hatred for your government’s oppressive policies and actions.”

·        Glenn discussed the threats against America and Israel and how the countries are not perfect.  But each person needs to decide what is good and what is evil and which side they are on.

Howard Dean
·        He showed a video clip of Howard Dean speaking a Carnegie Mellon University.  Dr. Dean referred back to his Iowa campaign and said that his screech there did not sound there like it was portrayed on Fox News.  Then Glenn showed the original clip of Dr Dean’s screech.
·        Dean goes on to say that the Right wing of today is a bad as the Left was back in the ‘60s.  Glenn asks for pictures of blown up buildings and dead bodies from the Tea Party people of today like those of the 60s (and he then showed pictures of the Weather Underground bombings – Bill Ayres).
·        He replayed a portion of the audio clip of Stephen Lerner’s plan for Economic Terrorism – also due to start in Mid-May.

Another Non-Story About the Left
·        He showed a picture of a young woman and discussed that she is a teacher in Wisconsin. 
·        She emailed death threats to Wisconsin legislators. 
·        Glenn’s staff performed a Lexus Nexus search on the incident, which turned up zero instances of this being reported in the mainstream media.

Leftist Rallies
·        He discussed the “We Are One” rallies scheduled all over the country today on the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s death. 
o       He showed quotes from several union leaders about supporting the rallies today. 
o       Then he showed a list of socialist and communist organizations also supporting the rallies.
·        Tomorrow, the “Fight Back USA! National Teach In” chaired by Francis Fox Piven and Cornell West will be held. 
·        Two hundred four campuses will participate. 
·        See for information on the Teach In.

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