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Monday, April 25, 2011

Glenn Beck Program April 25, 2011

  • The President has established an Oil and Gas Price Fraud Working Group to focus on energy markets.
“We will be vigilant in monitoring the oil and gas markets for any wrongdoing so that consumers can be confident they are not paying higher prices as a result of illegal activity.”

  • Meanwhile, the Attorney General admits there is no illegal activity.
  • Isn’t the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) supposed to handle this situation, not the Justice Department?
  • Wasn’t the Financial Reform Bill supposed to protect us from this?  Wasn’t the energy sector covered?
  • Is the FTC irrelevant, or do officials know what is really causing price increases?
  • In addition to the three foreign wars going on, there is another one being waged by the Progressives.  The Democrat Party was slowly taken over until it became just the way it was.  There are Progressives in both parties.
  • Glenn interviewed Mike Huckabee on his radio program and described him as a Progressive.  He feels Huckabee is a Progressive is because as Governor of Arkansas…
    • He increased taxes 47% and offered support for other forms of tax increases.
    • He increased state spending 65.3%.
    • He increased the state workforce by 20%.
    • He increased the state’s general obligation debt.
    • And…
      • He supports sales tax on Internet goods.
      • He supports Michelle Obama’s obesity program.
  • Glenn noted that the media has been interviewing Andrew Brietbart about a feud he and Glenn are supposedly having – one that Glenn didn’t know existed.
  • He showed a video of a fight at a McDonalds with two girls beating up on a third.  He wonders how this could happen in our country where no one really came to the aid of the girl being beaten.  He discussed God in-or-out-of America.  Also, how government can’t impact people’s hearts.  That can only be done by religion.
  • He showed a vide clip of Richard Trumpka, the head of the AFL-CIO union telling meeting attendees to “ignore the law”.
  • He discussed his random acts of charity program.
  • He discussed uniting on principals and values.
  • He discussed prices as a reflection of the dollar’s value.
  • The Fed is causing oil and gas prices to go up.
  • He showed various charts of items against the dollar – oil, gold, the stock market, foreign currencies.  In each case, when the dollar rises, the other item falls.  When the dollar falls, the other item rises.
  • 38% of the US wheat crop is poor or very poor condition.  Last year it was 6%.
  • He highlighted one person’s random act of kindness and noted that more are at

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