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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, October 25, 2010

Glenn showed a union political ad.  This ad was claiming that if you voted for candidate _____, teachers, firemen and police would be fired.  Trash would be thrown into the river, etc.  This is what is known as the “Washington Monument” ploy.

The “Washington Monument” ploy came about because the National Park Service was due to receive a budget cut.  They looked in their records and found that the most popular tourist attraction was the Washington Monument.  They let it be known that if the budget cuts were enacted, they would close the Washington Monument.  The budget cuts were cancelled.

Not all people will vote next week.  Glenn isn’t happy with that idea, not with all that is going on.  He asked people why they weren’t voting and many said there was no difference between the parties so it wouldn’t matter.  Both parties are under the progressive umbrella and the Democrat Party has been taken over and is now the Democratic Socialist Party.  The Republicans aren’t as far along and the Tea Party is trying to turn them around.

Inflation:  Using today’s formula, inflation is running at 1%.  However, the formula has been changed.  If we use the old formula, the inflation rate is 10%.

On November 3rd, the Treasury could start buying our government debt.  Since 2007, the government has increased debt by $5 Trillion.

In Washington State, illegals are currently being employed to get out the vote.

Violence isn’t the answer because it will just give the President an excuse to take more power.

Change is coming and what kind of America do you want.  On his chalkboard the choices were an America where you can (because you are a capable individual willing to work for your hopes and dreams) vs. an America where you can’t (because you are too Homer Simpson like and are too prone to make wrong decisions, so you have to be led by your betters).

The time to choose is Nov 2nd.

He showed a video clip where a debate between candidates was to begin.  An audience member asked if the proceedings were to begin with the pledge of allegiance.  The moderator said no.  The audience spontaneously rose and recited the pledge anyway.  After the pledge, the moderator admonished the audience for disrespecting her.

Glenn’s staff looked at the background of the moderator.  She is a big Obama fan.  She is a member of Obama’s Organizing for America organization.  She offered up her home for an Obama event prior to the election.

Only 30% of voters think the country is going in the right direction.

We’ve broken faith with the Constitution.  We are broken financially, spiritually, faith-wise and value-wise.

His book discusses how we got here, how the cover-up worked and the last third covers what has to be done.

Whoever you vote for, make sure they believe in the Constitution.

Conservatives outnumber liberals by 2 to 1 in polls.

He showed a picture of a young, twenty year old, woman, Marisol Garcia.  Last week she was sworn in as the police chief of a small Mexican town.  She volunteered for the job after her predecessor was gunned down.  Glenn considers her a hero.  He suggests sending her help.

Referencing the 1930s movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, Glenn says he is starting a search for a new George Bailey.

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