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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, October 15, 2010

Glenn noted the film “The Story of Stuff”.  There is a new film, also produced by the Tides Foundation that is aimed at churches.  It targets 13 – 18 year olds. 

He had two guests on today.  They discussed the underlying principal of today’s secular religion that the earth is getting filthier by the day because of what people were doing to it.  As opposed to that, they discussed several written accounts of life in America during the 1800’s that noted filthy conditions with dead animals and feces in New York harbor and other unsanitary conditions experienced as part of every day life. 

They noted that up until about 1800, the life expectancy was under 30.  Now it is around 80.  They could not reconcile this increase in life expectancy with the environment getting worse.

They diagrammed the traditional religious view of man in the environment with today’s secular religious view.

Traditional Religious View                          Secular Religious View

                                    Most Important

Man                                         |                                   Earth
Animals                                    |                                   Animals
Birds                                        |                                   Birds
Fish                                          |                                   Fish
Plants                                       |                                   Plants
Earth                                        |                                   Man

                                    Least Important

They noted that you could go to jail for destroying an eagle’s egg, but not for destroying a human fetus.

They also noted that, so far, traditional religious institutions have been the most resistant to the progressive agenda.

They referenced a article that reported that funding is to be pulled from researchers who insult the dignity of plants.

One estimate of the cost to America to implement the Kyoto Protocol was $200 billion.  As an alternative, that same $200 billion would be enough to provide clean water throughout the third world, thus saving millions of people’s lives annually.  However, this alternative has never seriously been considered.

The site has a DVD series that examines the environmental movement.

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