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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, October 11, 2010

This program was a discussion with a studio audience.

Glenn discussed Eric Bonnhoffer, a Lutheran Minister in Germany during the 1930’s and the stands he took against the Nazis.  He also referred to Gandhi and his emphasis on love as a way of accomplishing his struggle to free his country.

Things are changing in America.  Do you notice that “they” do not refer to you as violent any more?  They don’t because we took that away from them by being who we are.  After 8/28, they can’t make that charge any more.

Three Questions
  • Where have we come from?
  • Where are we going to end up?
  • What happens in between?

Some discussions about these questions…

Lately, we have been focusing too much on people’s Rights and not on their Responsibilities.  There are 80,000 words in the Jewish Torah and the word “rights” is not mentioned once.  The Torah is all about responsibilities.

Glenn feels that the greatest resource in the country is the seniors, because they have done it all.  He encouraged grandparents to home school their grandchildren.

A woman in the audience talked about her experience in England where she mentored a young girl.  She saw the girl growing up in an environment of dependency.  The girl’s parents and her peers were all wards of the state.  Their road to improvement became one of “gaming the system” rather than one of personal growth and improvement.

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