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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, October 13, 2010

Glenn reported that George Soros announced that he has stopped contributing to democrats this election cycle.  He said he wanted to get out of the way of an avalanche for Republicans.

He discussed a number of current topics where people were brutalizing others or otherwise mistreating them.  The theme was that parts of the culture were becoming insensitive to the plight of others.

He covered one incident in New York where a gang of 16 – 24 year olds beat and tortured several men they thought were gay.  The torturing went on for hours.

Glenn is having medical problems.  He was reading some progressive blogs where they were commenting on his medical issues.  Worse, some defenders were wishing the same for progressives.  He doesn’t want that.  No hate.

The Greek health service announced that it is recommending amputations instead of special footwear for diabetes patients because amputations are cheaper.

A 7-year-old girl was caught up in a family dispute.  She has a terminal disease and had recently lost her mother to illness.  The feuding family photoshopped a picture of her now dead mother in the arms of the Grim Reaper and posted it on the Internet.  The young girl was also shown with a skull and crossbones.

Young people are texting each other, even when they are together in the same room.

He referenced a quote that went something like “What one generation tolerates, another embraces.” Your children are watching you and how you are reacting to events.

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