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Monday, October 11, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, October 7, 2010

  • Fabian Society – Logo is that of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
  • Liberals look at things differently than you do.  Who has a logo of a wolf in sheep’s clothing?
  • They believe you have to be controlled for the greater common good.
  • The nudge inevitably turns into a shove.
  • The way of life in America is about to change.
  • Bad things can happen in America when people believe bad things cannot happen because this is America.
  • Conditions that make power grabs possible…
    • A bad economy
    • High unemployment
    • High dependence on government
    • Uncertainty and fear
  • Signs of trouble…
    • Corporate insiders are fleeing US stock market.  Insider traiding is currently running 2,341 sell to 1 buy (major corporations).
    • Uber-rich are buying gold
      • Gold hits day-high record
      • Silver hits 30 year high
      • Platinum at highest level since May
      • Copper closes at 26th month high
      • US mint runs out of gold to mint 1 ounce buffalo gold coin
      • Uber-wealthy are betting against the S&P 500.  They are buying options, not stock.
      • Japan cut interest rate to almost zero
      • Calls are heard for more stimulus
      • Current National Debt now over $13T
      • Federal reserve announced $30B credit union insurance system (backed up by troubled assets).
      • US dollar continues a slow decline.
      • Oil is near $85/bbl.
      • All major banks suspend foreclosure actions.

  • There are people who want to remake the globe, to fundamentally transform it.
  • Ben Franklin said “The best way to get people out of poverty is to make them uncomfortable in their poverty.”  We are doing the opposite today.
    • More than 200% of poverty level qualifies you for food stamps. 
    • Now, 41.8 Million people are receiving food stamps.
  • 1912 American progressivism begins.  By 1920 people hated progressives.
  • Do your own homework
    • Famous fabians…
      • Stuart Chase (coined the phrase “New Deal”)
      • Cecil Rhodes (of Rhodes Scholar fame)
      • Walter Lippmann
      • George Soros – (almost broke the Bank of England with currency speculation)
      • Tony Blair
  • Stained glass window from Fabian headquarters in England.
    • Designed by George Bernard Shaw
    • Motto The World Remolded it Nearer to the Heart’s Desire”
    • Shows 2 people, pounding on a red-hot globe to transform it
    • This is the root of modern progressivism.

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