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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, October 1, 2010

Questions du Jure

  • Who Are We?
  • Is America Done?

Is America Done

  • In 1820, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were corresponding. 
    • Adams wrote about the country “failing” (not keeping faith with the principals of the Constitution) some time in the future. 
    • Jefferson agreed, but said that the people will figure it out. 
    • They will remember what the founders tried to do and they would do it right this time.
  • Things are changing significantly.  Looking back from 500 years in the future, this time will be seen as either…
    • (1) The beginning of a new dark age or,
    • (2) A new industrial revolution.
  • When things change that are of that magnitude, there will be problems.  Tough times are coming.
  • The world was pretty much unchanged until America came along.
  • Now everywhere you look you are being told that you need help, you can’t do it on your own, you need a hand out not a hand up.

Global Trends 2025 – A Transformed World

  • This is a U.S. government report, introduced earlier in the week.
  • It is available here:
  • It is a view of what this government envisions the world will look like in 2025.
  • Glenn points out that things do not have to turn out that way.  We can allow the world change us or we can change the world.
  • How many times can people say they are going to fundamentally transform America before we understand that they really are.
  • The report says that currently there is a massive transfer of wealth from West to East.  This transfer will continue.
  • Worldwide, there will be an increase in government involvement in running the economy.
    • State owned enterprises (e.g., Fanny Mae, Freddy Mac, etc) are expected to grow.
    • These enterprises will bring with them increased political control over the economy.
  • The world is going to change.  Our choice is to either…
    • (a) Hunker down, be a second rate power and beg for scraps or
    • (b) Be in the driver’s seat.
  • Today, your children are watching you.  If you see what is happening around you and do nothing, your children will see that and it will suck to be your children.
  • Vote in November.  Vote for those people who are running that say that America is not done.

Today’s Three Guests

 (At this point a number of topics was discussed.  The comments below have been grouped by guest rather than topic, so continuity is mixed. - Ed)

Glenn Beck

  • The Global Trends 2025 Report says a country’s soverenity will have to be given up.
  • He spoke to an oil executive in Alaska who said that the shutdown of the Alaskan oil pipeline is inevitable.
  • The system that we have built over the last 100 years is broken…
    • You can’t fire teachers that cannot teach.
    • Autoworkers pensions are too extravagant.
    • Social Security is unsustainable.
    • Etc.
    • Everyone will have to readjust to reality.
  • We are redoing Woodrow Wilson’s policies.  They were reversed by Calvin Coolidge, which led to the “Roaring Twenties”.  We can do the same.  For more on Woodrow Wilson, read R. J. Pestritio’s books.

John Bolton

  • The people in the administration that hold the worldview represented in the Global Trends 2025 Report wrote the report.  The same report could have been written by the faculty of Harvard.
  • The country the intelligence agencies know the least about is America.
  • We need a debate in this country about global governance.
  • The Europeans have given up some of their national soverenity to form the European Union and they are willing to give up some of ours to achieve global governance.

Daniel Hannan

  • The creative thing that made America wealthy and great was the Jeffersonian idea of the dispersal and decentralization of power away from the central government.
  • The report mentions past dynasties, Mongols, Mings, Ottomans, etc.  These dynasties grew, prospered and died.  But the key ingredient all these dynasties had in common was that they were all a centralized form of governance.
  • If America goes down the road of more central government, more taxes, more regulation, you will be making the same mistakes as the Ottomans, the Mings and the Mongols.
  • One problem with global governance is that it runs counter to the ability to hold your own lawmakers to account.
  • The Fed has recently stated that it’s objective is to deal with all the government debt by creating inflation.
  • The European media view of the Tea Parties is that they are a collection of groups of Appalachian mountain men with extreme views on race.  They take their lead from the left-leaning media here in America.
  • In the rest of the world, party leaders select politicians.  Some Tea Party candidates are directly from the electorate, and not of the party.   Consequently, their view of some of the Tea Party candidates is that they are unelectable.

Stuart Varney

  • Are we (America) on the path to second-rate status?  The report represents the Obama administration view of America.
  • He, Obama, helped create this view and attitude with his policies.
  • Not mentioned is that something is going on in America that he, Varney, had not seen before.  That something is not in favor of global governance (Tea Parties).
  • However, some degree of global rule making is appropriate.
  • Obama is acting against America’s own self-interest.  (Re: Actions taken on oil drilling, etc. – Ed)
  • Obama is part of the environmentalist community.
  • European societies have moved away from religion and become very secular, almost pagan.  In the meantime, religion is a part of many American’s lives.  Consequently, Europeans are contemptuous of Americans and look down on them.

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