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Friday, October 1, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, September 30, 2010


  • Glenn feels that he is changing, evolving, since the rally on 8/28.
  • He isn’t sure where he is going to end up yet.

“The Source of Obama’s Rage”

  • Everyone should read this book by Dinesh De’Souza.
  • It is now Number 1 on the New York Times list.
  • Glenn recapped (from yesterday’s show) some people in the book who influenced a young Obama.  A common theme is “anticolonialism”…
    • Frank Marshall Davis – Obama’s mentor in Hawaii, a communist with an FBI file.
    • Edward Said – Professor at Columbia, spokesperson for the Palestinian National Council.  In their case, Israel is seen as the colonizer/oppressor.
    • Roberto Ungar – Leading anti-colonial legal scholar.
    • Reverend Wright – Pastor, preaches Black Liberation Theology.
    • Bill Ayers – Anticolonial revolutionary.


  • Anticolonialism believes that there are colonizers and the colonized.
  • Dinesh is familiar with this mindset as he grew up in India and his father was active in resisting the British rule there.
  • (The new form is “neocolonialism” where the “colonizers” are multi-national companies. – Ed)
  • This is similar to black liberation theology, which believes the world is divided between oppressors and the oppressed.  It is not a race thing – you can be a black oppressor too (e.g., banker).
  • Glenn showed a portion of the school film, “A Story of Stuff”.
    • America’s children are being taught a colonial power via this film.
    • They know it and you, their parents, do not.
    • Showing in 4,000 schools across America.
    • Film’s narrator discusses how America was using more resources than it contained.
    • Additional resources were needed from “Third World Countries”.
    • America was taking those resources for it’s own use.

Opinion Follows
  • The above are facts, now the program was moving on to the opinion portion.
  • Dinesh De’Souza enters set.

Odd Happenings with Obama

A list of events was shown and Dinesh discussed each from the perspective of an anticolonialist mindset .
  • Return of the Bust of Winston Churchill
    • Churchill was Prime Minister during the period of an anticolonial uprising in Kenya.
    • The British violently put down the uprising.
    • Obama’s grandfather and father were active in the uprising.
      • Obama’s grandfather was captured and tortured by the British.
      • The British arrested Obama’s father.
  • Lockerby Letter
    • The Lockerby bomber was to be released by Scottish officials.
    • Obama secretly sent a letter to those officials saying it was okay with the U.S. if the bomber was released if he stayed in Scotland.
    • While not necessarily agreeing with what the bomber had done, the bombing could be seen by an anticolonalist as an active resister fighting back against American colonialism.
  • Afghan War
    • An anticolonialist views the Iraq and Afghan Wars as one of American occupation.
    • Corrective action is to unoccupy the country, e.g., leave.
    • Obama has stated his objective is to leave, not achieve victory in Afghanistan.
  • Nuclear Iran
    • Not much said
  • U.S. Energy Consumption
    • The goal is to reduce U.S.’s consumption.
    • Leaves more energy resources for developing countries to use.
    • Explains the oil-drilling moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico, while loaning money to Mexico to drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico and loans to Brazil to develop their offshore oil fields.
  • Tax the Rich
    • The rich should pay their “fair share”.
    • What is fair is not defined by Obama.
    • The quote from Obama’s father’s published article justified a rate of 100%.
    • Dinesh’s analogy was “If a thief stole all your furniture, the proper rate for returning that furniture would be 100% because it was all stolen in the first place.”

Dinesh’s Theory that Obama Has an Anticolonial Mindset

  • Glenn agrees with Dinesh’s theory.
  • He feels it explains more of Obama’s actions than any other.
  • He feels everyone should read Dinesh’s “The Source of Obama’s Rage”.
  • People should make up their own mind and determine if the facts fit that theory.


  • Glenn feels that his “restoring Honor” rally on 8/28 shook up the left in this country because of the large attendance (several hundred thousand).
  • A counter-rally is scheduled for 10/2.
  • He played a clip of a union official on an MSNBC program saying that his members are being required to attend the 10/2 rally.
  • Glenn pointed to the blackboard showing the logos of many of the supporting organizations.  He said he can’t agree with the beliefs of some of those organizations that include calling for the destruction of America.  Some have called for violent revolution, global governance, etc.
  • Obama’s “Organizing for America” organization is also supporting this rally.

Vote in November

  • Glenn showed a poster showing a purple finger of an Iraqi voter in 2005.
  • Iraqi voters were warned not to vote on pain of death by insurgents.
  • The ink took several days to wash off.  It was obvious for that long who the voters were, marking them for insurgent action.
  • Despite all the above, 95% of eligible voters voted.
  • In the U.S., the last mid-term election showed on a 38% turnout, with no threats.
  • The title of the poster was “We can do better”

The Con

  • Glenn feels we are being conned.
  • But first the con begins with the set up.
  • The set up has been going on for years.
  • He showed a clip of a young man at a 2008 Obama rally asking if Obama had plans of increasing benefits of long-term workers at McDonalds.
  • He then followed with a news article indicating that McDonalds will cancel health coverage for 30,000 employees if they cannot get an exemption from Obamacare.
  • The approach is to set up a problem so the people will demand the government “do something”, that something is what the liberals have been working to implement.
  • He is concerned that if the vote goes against the Democrats in November, the radical organizations they will not sit back and take this lightly.  They may go back to agitating (a la European riots) after the first of the year.

Who is Funding the 10/2 Rally?

The Tides Foundation (funded in part by George Soros).

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