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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, October 12, 2010

Judge Andrew Napolitano substituting.

Currently we do not have two political parties.  We have only one, a big government party with a Democrat wing and a Republican wing.

What has arisen is the TEA Party that, on paper, wants to restrict the federal government to only those sixteen designated areas specified in the Constitution.

If TEA Party candidates win in November, will they change Washington or will Washington change them?

Michelle Bachmann guests and talks about changes she has seen happen to new arrivals.  She began the TEA Party caucus in the House of Representatives and heads it up.  She will be starting weekly classes on the Constitution for new members taught by experts.  She invited Judge Napolitano to be one of those experts.

Currently, there is a scandal in the mortgage industry with allegations that thousands of foreclosures are being handled illegally.  Should Congress pass a law controlling foreclosures even though those are state court issues and the federal government cannot Constitutionally intervene in a state’s court operation?

Some after hours 40 Day Challenge show segments with Glenn were shown.  One audience member asked if Glenn “War Gamed” scenarios of what could happen.  Glenn said yes and even has people who War Gamed for the Pentagon.  What impressed him was how many ways things could go bad and how few ways it can go right.
The Judge discussed a current court case where the government can force parents to have their children vaccinated and, if there is an adverse reaction, deny them the right to sue for damages.  How can the government do that?

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