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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, October 4, 2010

Trouble in Europe

Comparing and Contrasting Two Washington D.C Rallys

Glenn started off by asking “Who Are We?” as a country.

Case 1                                                 Case 2
Free Market                                         Governmental Central Entities
Hard Work                                          Handouts
Personal Responsibility                         Bailouts
Individual Liberty                                 “Controlled” liberty

Which best describes the country you want to live in?  Which describes the direction you want the country to go in?  Which type of country do you want to leave to your children and grandchildren?

Related questions
  • Are We Done?
  • Is America No Longer of Value?

He discusses how America responds time and again to natural disasters around the world, and is the first to show up with supplies and support.  If we are done, who would replace us and perform those roles:  Canada? Brazil? China?

10/2 “One Nation Working Together” Rally
·        Sponsors
o       Communists
o       Socialists
o       Others
·        Some signs…
o       Were calling for jobs.  What kinds of jobs do these people want to create?
o       Touting socialism and communism.  This even though socialism and communism have failed everywhere it has been tried.
o       The ideals of these groups are the antithesis of America’s founding principals.
o       Many at this rally are young people.  How is it that they can be so excited about these alternative values?  It is because they have not been taught America’s values growing up.

Which Rally was authentic?  (Still photos and video clips were shown.)

8/28 “Restoring Honor”             10/2 “One Nation Working Together”
Normal folks                                        Union T-Shirts
Voluntary attendance                            Members told to go
Wants hope for all                                Attendees shown advocating violence against the
                                                            Capitalist “system” and how that violence was
After the event-spotless                        After the event – trash and discarded literature all
                                                            over; the World War II Memorial trashed.

Glenn compared the two cultures represented by comparing the moon landing versus Woodstock.

Princeton Bioethicist

Dr. Peter Singer was shown advocating
  • That parents be allowed to kill their babies for any reason up to 28 days after birth.
  • Nothing morally wrong with killing babies up to the point that they are self-aware, about two years old.

Two BBC Videos Shown

1.  Fabian Society (A British socialist group, a counterpart to American progressives)
  • A Fabian representative on a TV talk show was shown describing how it was preferred to smother a baby born with problems.
  • George Bernard Shaw was also a member.  He advocated killing members of society who are not being productive.

2. Ad
  • Showed an English classroom with children about 10 years old
  • Teacher advocating a reduction in the children’s family’s carbon footprint of ten percent.
  • When asked all but two students agreed to carry this message home.
  • As the teacher gave homework assignments to the class, she was shown pushing a red button twice.
  • The heads of the two students not agreeing were shown exploding, drenching all around with blood and brain matter.

Videos are available on

40-Day Challenge

Several personal stories of people taking the “40 Day Challenge” were shown.

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