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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, October 20, 2010

There was more discussion of George Soros on today’s program.

Glenn noted that Media Matters recently announced the George Soros gave Media Matters a $1 million donation. 
  • This is the first direct contribution Mr Soros has made. 
  • Previously, money was funneled through other groups and organizations to which Mr Soros has ties such as the Tides Foundation. 
  • Shortly after the contribution was announced, Media Matters came out with a new web page that stated the way to get at Glenn Beck was to get at Fox News.
  • Glenn’s staff did a search for “Glenn” at the Media Matters web site and got 50,000 hits.

The Tides Fouondation is also funding
  • The Huffington Post Investigative Fund
  • 100 new reporters at National Public Radio
  • Media Matters

Glenn gave another invitation to George Soros to come on his program.

Glenn feels they are trying to take him out.

He also invites retirees back to do homeschooling of their grandkids.

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