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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, March 1, 2011

Current Events

  • Governor Walker in WI is going forward with his two year spending plan.
  • Fourteen Democrat senators are still AWOL.
  • What are we teaching to our children?
    • Obamacare was passed in the middle of the night using tricks.
    • Children are seeing that we should run away if elections don’t go our way or because of our own actions.  We have to stop teaching that.
  • But, most Americans still respect the rules of the game.

Where Are We Headed

It’s getting harder and harder to make ends meet.  Also, people are being asked to give up something, e.g., a pension – or make some other sacrifice.  We’re all going to have to sacrifice something.  Something we feel we have earned, something we feel we deserve.

The American Experiment

The American Experiment is “Can man rule himself?”.

The American Dream is where everybody has a chance, no matter color, creed or station.

Some don’t believe that man can rule himself.  Not equal justice, but social justice.  They will allow you to choose, but they will limit your choices.  For instance, nobody will be able to get rich.

Socialist Framing the Theme

Socialist protests are occurring all over the country.  They are framing the theme of “Reclaiming the American Dream”.  But their message centers on money.  And that they are losing freedom because some have too much.  Or that some don’t have enough.  Glenn said that he never saw anything from the Founders about money.  The socialist’s theory is that you can’t do all the things that people with lots of money can do, so that means you have lost freedom.

Dealing with Tough Times

Tough times are coming.  Our money won’t buy as much as it once did.  There are two ways to deal with things (1) Run away like the 14 WI senators, or (2) Face them head on.  If you have cancer, the longer you wait to deal with it, the larger it gets and the more difficult it is to get rid of it.  Glenn uses cancer as an analogy and says we have many different cancers in our society.  He is focusing on economic cancer.

The White House announced that personal income went up 1% in January.  On the other hand,
            Item                 One-Month Increase            One-Year Increase
            Ground beef                  6.8%                            11.1%
            Butter                           3.2%                            27%
            Coffee                          6.5%                            16%
            Potatoes                       3.6%                            7.1%
            Cotton – Up 12% since February 24th.
            Gasoline – Up 7 cents since last night.

What are we doing about it?

  • Gas – We’ve just been cheerleading what’s been happening in the Middle.  We’re putting all our eggs in green energy, making grants to factories getting built with taxpayer money and then just closing shop.
  • We’re not searching for new places to drill and we’re still not drilling in places we were drilling, like the Gulf of Mexico.  How does that help us out in the long run?
  • GM’s Volt – Consumer Reports says the Volt doesn’t make a lot of sense that it’s going to be a tough sell to customers.

Short History of the Dollar

Glenn discussed the history of the dollar since WWII.  We’ve printed more and more dollars.  Foreign countries use dollars to back their currency with the dollar, so the dollar doesn’t look too bad when compared to those currencies.  However, commodities - oil, gold, coffee, etc., have to be purchased with money and they are a better measure of the worth of the dollar.  We have seen food riots across the globe.  According to the USDA, 2011 will see a 3.5% increase in food prices.  They say food riots may even come to the U.S.

U.S. Causing Food Riots Overseas

The Wall Street Journal on Feb 23rd had an article “The Federal Reserve causing turmoil abroad.”
“Probably few of the protesters in the streets connect their economic travail to Washington, but central bankers do.  They complain that the U.S. is exporting inflation.”
Food riots around the world are being caused by the U.S.

Unions and Socialists

Glenn showed pictures of some of the signs being carried by protestors in Madison WI.  In particular, one from the AFL-CIO with a clenched fist.  He then compared it with the one put out by the International Socialist Organization.  Except for the color, they were the same clenched fist, right down to the small star at the base of the wrist.

A Socialist’s View of a Job

Glenn then showed a video of an ISO member at the Madison demonstration discussing his job at a noodle company.  According to this young man, the company was being run like a dictatorship.  The boss tells the workers what is to be cooked, how it is to be cooked, when it is to be cooked and when the workers are to show up.  He doesn’t feel that he has any freedom on the job.  The young man goes on to say that he is trying to get the other employees to join a union.  The union is a source of power to control dictatorships.  He further says that after the union is in place, the owner should cooperate with them and not as an owner.  If he did not cooperate, he, the owner, would be seen as being against the workers.

Glenn discussed that the mentality of that young man is the mentality that we are fighting.  The owner risked his money and that of his friends to create the business.  He is a job creator.  That’s what this country needs – job creators.

 Union Theme
“Renew the American Dream”.  We will be seeing this theme from unions for a long time.

Van Jones

Glenn showed a video of Van Jones speaking at the weekend rally, the one arranged by the International Socialist Organization.  Van Jones spoke about the American Dream being destroyed.  Glenn discussed President Obama’s story – a child from a broken home that grew up to become President of the U.S.  For Obama, the system worked.  And it worked for Van Jones.  Now the people who have benefited from the system are telling everyone that it couldn’t work for them.  They are also slamming the door through regulation and legislation.

Van Jones also said that there was a movement coming to America.  Glenn agrees and said that he has been warning of that for two years.

Muslim Spokesmen

Glenn showed a video of Louis Farrakhan saying that what is happening in the Middle East is coming to America.  Also, the 12th Imam is alive and on earth.  So…
  • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad saying that the Madhi (12th Imam) is alive and to rise up.
  • The leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, the 9th most influential Muslim in the world, calling for people to rise up.
  • A radical cleric from Britain at the White House saying to rise up and take the West.
  • Louis Farrakhan saying to rise up and take the West – to 18,000 worshipers over the weekend.

TV versus the World

Glenn discussed that the world is on fire and when he turns on his TV what he sees are reality shows, Charlie Sheen, etc.  He says it is time to wake people up as to what is going on.

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