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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, March 8, 2011

Guest Host Judge Andrew Napolitano

Federal Budget Deficit

  • Big government Republicans are working on a pathetic $61 billion cut in spending. 
  • The deficit for 2011 is $1.6 trillion.  Cutting $61 billion is a joke. 
  • Senate Democrats proposed a $6.1 billion spending cut that the Congressional Budget Office claimed is only $4.7 billion. 
  • A $4.7 billion cut to a $1.6 trillion deficit is trivial.

Guest:  Senator Jerry Moran (R ) Kansas
  • Both Republican and Democrat bills to cut spending are to come up for a vote today in the Senate. 
  • Senator Moran does not believe either will get the 60 votes necessary to move the process forward.
  • Spending and debt is THE issue of our time.  If we don’t solve this problem, the American standard of living will be impacted by rising interest rates, inflation and a more uncertain business climate.
  • Senator Moran will vote against raising the debt ceiling unless it is accompanied by substantive changes in the way the government functions.


Walid: Everything will be decided on the ground in Libya.
  • If the rebels cannot move west past the city in the center of the country, we (the U.S.) will have to intervene at some point.
  • The rebels are divided on American intervention.
  • The best thing is to not involve any of our assets if we can.
  • But time is running out.
  • My concern is that radical elements could take control of the rebel forces and we could end up with a divided country, part controlled by Qaddafi and the rest by radicals.
  • If outside powers do not intercede, Qaddafi will stay and fight.

Jerry: Somalia in 1992 was a humanitarian intervention with troops on the ground that ended badly.
  • I am not in favor of a no-fly zone.
  • The EU and the African Union need to step up and assume some responsibilities.
  • The U.S. could support this movement with intelligence and logistics.


  • OPEC is talking about increasing its production.
  • The Obama administration is thinking about dipping into the Strategic Petroleum Reserves.  A video clip was shown of an administration spokesperson discussing this.

  • Phil Flynn, Fox Business network Contributor

Phil: Trying to use the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to manage prices will be an utter failure.
  • The Strategic Petroleum Reserve holds 726 million barrels of oil. 
  • This quantity is not enough to significantly impact the market.
  • Bombing Libya is bearish.  Qaddafi could set the oil wells on fire.
  • A change in drilling policy to allow more drilling would lower prices over the long term.
  • Remember also, the Democrats criticized President Bush for adding oil to the reserves.


Guest: Rebecca Kleefisch, WI Lieutenant Governor

Rebecca:  The Democrat Senators are still in Illinois.
  • At some point, they will have to come back to work and vote.
  • Some of them are starting to realize that their position is illogical.  Their constituents elected them to represent them and vote which they are not doing.
  • Protests at WI capital have reached up to 80,000 people.
  • Democrat Senators have filed an ethics complaint against Governor Walker.
  • Recall efforts have been started against Republican and Democratic Senators.
  • 1,500 jobs are on the line if they do not return.
  • The Judge discussed how the public is now learning about the sweetheart deals the public sector union members have been getting for years.
  • Rebecca discussed how the unions filled a number of grievances when the state tried to control some costs, e.g., using prisoners to cut the grass next to freeways, assign an 86 year old volunteer as a crossing guard, etc.

Federal Budget

Guest: Senator Pat Toomy (R ) PA

A video was shown of Senator Harry Reid discussing the importance of the Cowboy Poetry Festival in NV.

Pat: He hopes that this video will go viral to illustrate how the Democrats don’t treat the debt problem as serious.
  • Obama and the Democrats increased spending from less than 20% of GDP to 25% of GDP.
  • The vote tomorrow will tell us who is serious about the debt situation.
  • He will not vote to increase the debt ceiling unless real cuts, real reforms are adopted, e.g., balanced budget.

Muslim Terrorists Hearings

A video of Representative King (R ) NY was shown discussing the hearings to start this week.

  • Dr Zuhdi Jasser, American Islamic Forum for Democracy
  • Jacob Hornberger, Future of Freedom Foundation

Zuhdi: We have not been addressing the root cause of the terrorism problem.
  • Representative King is providing a platform for moderate Muslims to get out their message.
  • Testimony is voluntary.

Jacob: The problem they should be investigating is the U.S. policy in the Middle East.
  • This is not a religious problem; it is a U.S. foreign policy problem.
  • We should focus on what we are doing.
  • This hearing could lead to a demonization of an entire class of people, just like it did with the Japanese during WWII.

Closing Remarks

  • When America was colonies of Britain, many people came from Britain to get away from taxation and regulation.
  • As they became successful, the British government wanted to tap into that new source of income.
  • Eventually, the British government was telling businessmen in the colonies how they could do business, much as they did businessmen in Britain.
  • British soldiers could write their own search warrants.  This triggered the Fourth Amendment, which required a judge grant warrants only after evidence was presented.
  • That didn’t work out as the Patriot Act allows investigators to write their own search warrants.
  • The Constitution protects businesses, which can write their own contracts with their customers.
  • That didn’t work out because the states tax every action you take.
  • President Obama signed an Executive Order allowing Guantanamo detainees to be held for the rest of their lives even after they have been found innocent, something no other Western government has allowed.
  • This is important, because if they can get away with it for these detainees, they can get away with it for you.

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