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Monday, March 21, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, March 21, 2011


  • Glenn started the program laying on the floor in front of the old TV that usually graces the set.  He explained that when he was young, he was the family’s remote.  On the TV was being shown an episode of Star Trek and he discussed that some of the plots of that series were between Good and Evil.
  • Glenn said that there a re people plotting the destruction of our economic system.  He has audio and videotape that he will show later this week.
  • The American people are being played.

Louis Farrakhan

He showed a video of Louis Farrakhan and discussed his influence – he has a huge following.  During this video he claimed that the 12th Imam is alive and living among us.

12th Imam
Glenn discussed the Muslim belief of the 12th Imam, or the Madhi.

                Sunni                                            Shia
            The Madhi              =                      12th Imam                =    Biblical Antichrist

            -Believers                                              - Believers                                  ?
            Muslim Brotherhood                             “12ers”
            Al Queda                                              M. Ahmadinejad                CHAOS*
            Osama Bin Laden                                 Khomeini (Iran Ruler)
            Louis Farrakhan

  • Chaos – Speeds up the return of the Madhi to the earth.

Louis Farrakhan Redeux

Glenn showed another video of Louis Farrakhan speaking at a radio station on-air.  Mr. Farrakhan discussed…
  • Libya,
  • Obama,
  • Dissatisfaction in America and
  • Qaddafi’s good works in Libya and around Africa.

Glenn discussed a different view of Qaddafi, one in which Qaddafi…
  • Ordered the bombing of a nightclub in Germany, killing two American servicemen.
  • Ordered the bombing of the Pan Am flight over Lockerby, Scotland that killed hundreds of Americans.
  • Ordered the massacre at a prison, leading to the deaths of over 1200 prisoners.
  • Detained women and girls for breaking moral “codes”.
  • Re-enacted the “cutting of the hands” punishment for thieves.
  • Initiated the brutal slaughter of innocent civilians in southern Africa.
  • Currently 1 out of 3 people in Libya are living in poverty.

Leftists and Islamic Extremists

  • Glenn feels that the radical left is working with Islamic extremists and that this is a major problem.
  • Glenn then showed a video of an interview being given by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  Mr. Netanyahu was discussing how odd it was that radical Leftists were “Fusing” with Islamic extremists because of some of their different belief systems. 
  • Glenn said that the Israeli intelligence has created a new group to watch out for this “fusion”.

Glenn noted that President Obama launched cruise missile strikes without notifying congressional leaders or getting congressional approval.  He then went on to touch on problems in other Middle Eastern countries, Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.  All these events occurred over the weekend. 

Glenn then mentioned the growing anti-religion movement.

He stated again that we need to be prepared.  This was echoed by Stratfor who published an emergency evacuation plan article.  See here à

Stock Market

Despite all these global happenings, the U.S. stock market is still up.  That tells Glenn that there is no shortage of money.  However, he does feel that there is a shortage of…
  • Common sense
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Faith
  • Decency
  • All of these, the media does not report on.

U.S. the “Bad Guy”

Glenn pointed out that there are many countries that don’t like us.  He feels that in these other countries, whatever the U.S. does will be portrayed in a negative light.  He showed the headline from an Australian newspaper” World starves as America burns food to stay on the road.”  In this case we’re heartless and that we are not trying to save the planet with reduced emissions, or we are looking for alternative sources of energy.

His Four e’s

Glenn referred to his four e’s – enlightenment, education, empowerment, and entrepreneurship.  He discussed Martin Luther King discussing Faith, Hope and Love.  Glenn’s four e’s translate to…
            E1 = Faith
            E2 = Answers
            E3 = Be prepared to lend a hand and help.
            E4 = Create, not destroy

Economic Terrorism

There are people planning on how to destroy our markets.  It is economic terrorism.

Glenn then discussed death threats made against a Wisconsin legislator.  In reaction, the legislator cancelled his public meetings with his constituents.

He then discussed the dedication of Saul Alinsky’s book, “Rules for Radicals” .  In the early editions of the book, Mr. Alinsky’s acknowledgement for the book went to Lucifer, the original rebel.  Later editions of the book have this acknowledgement removed.

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