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Friday, March 18, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, March 17, 2011

President Obama’s Schedule

  • 60th round of golf since taking office.
  • NCAA bracket picks.
  • Today a St Patty’s day celebration with members of congress.
  • Tomorrow – off to Brazil for a vacation.

Something is not Right

Glenn feels that there is something not right.  (With the President’s reaction to significant world events.)

Possible Explanations

Glenn offers three possible explanations.
  1. Style – We have never seen this style from previous presidents.
  2. Out of Touch – He is disengaged.
  3. Unspoken agenda – The President is doing something no one is talking about.

Reverend Wright

  • President Obama got his understanding of Jesus from Reverend Wright.
  • Reverend Wright understands salvation to be collective salvation.  That is the opposite of what Jesus taught – individual salvation.
  • Collective salvation means that you cannot be saved unless everyone is saved.  You have to save others, sometimes you have to tell people or force them to do something so that they, and you, can be saved.
  • Later, President Obama replaced Reverend Wright with another spiritual advisor, Jim Wallace.  Wallace also believes in collective salvation.   In addition, he is a Marxist.
  • In the video shown last night (See link here à  )   Reverend Wright confirmed that Black Liberation Theology is anti-capitalistic, Marxist and anti-Israel.  Glenn feels that he is also anti-Semitic.  He feels that Reverend Wright’s sermons mirror those of Louis Farrakhan.  Part of that sermon shows Reverend Wright in favor of Iran having nuclear weapons.
  • Glenn respects Reverend Wright, as he does not try to hide his radical ideas.  Reverend Wright has also criticized the president for concealing his view to appease the Jews.
  • Reverend Wright went with Louis Farrakhan to visit Qaddafi in Libya during the time Obama was a member of his church.

Not Friendly to Israel
  • Once Obama got into office there have been an inconsistent series of actions that are not friendly to Israel:
    • March 2009 - Hillary Clinton calling Israel unhelpful in the settlement issue.
    • Joe Biden announced he would like the Israeli outposts dismantled.
    • September 2009 – President Obama tells the UN that he doesn’t accept the legitimacy of the settlements.
    • White House Press Secretary is critical of 900 new housing units being built in the settlements.
    • March 2010 – Israel’s Ambassador to the U.S. says that the relationship between our two countries is the worst it has been in over 30 years.
    • March 2010 – President Obama snubs Israel’s Prime Minister, Netanyahu.
    • May 29, 2010, President Obama opposes Israel in an international conference.
    • The White House issues its “Deep Regret” over the flotilla raid and openly supports a UN resolution condemning Israel for civilian deaths during that raid.  (Code Pink and the wife of Bill Ayres helped organize that flotilla.)
    • September 2010 – the administration is “disappointed” in the Israeli settlements.
    • February 2011 – The administration backs a UN anti-settlement statement.
    • The U.S. vetoes an anti-Israel resolution, but says publicly that the settlements are illegitimate and a folly.
    • General Jones, the President’s National Security advisor, tells an anti-Semitic joke at a public event.
    • Someone else in the administration refers to Jerusalem by the Arabic name.
    • Glenn showed a chalkboard map of the region and notes that Obama was quick to encourage Egyptians to rise up.  He did not do so in Iran and Libya.


    • Glenn then held up copies of a written report detailing a Libyan PR campaign that lasted from 2007 – 2009. 
                                                               i.      This campaign was to improve Libya and Qaddafi’s image in the U.S. and convince America that Qaddafi was not an enemy.
    • The American PR firm hired for this project contacted, among others, Cass Sunsteen and George Soros.
    • One of the plan’s goals was to…
                                                               i.      “Introduce and bring to Libya a meticulously selected group of independents and objective experts…”
                                                             ii.      These people would meet with senior Libyan officials and, after they returned home, write favorable articles about Libya.
    • Also, Qaddafi made a contribution to the London School of Economics (LSE).  George Soros, a graduate of the LSE, told the LSE that it was okay to accept Libya’s money.  Soros apologized for this in 2009.

Glenn feels that the correct explanation for the president’s actions is Number 3 above, An unspoken Agenda

Lockerby Bomber

  • 2009 – The Lockerby bomber was released from a Scottish prison and returned to Libya.
  • 7/22/10 – President Obama was shown in a video complaining about the release of the Lockerby bomber.
  • Wikileaks later released a communication from Obama to the English in which he stated it was far preferable to release the bomber than keeping him in prison.


Glenn says the president is inconsistent in supporting revolutions.  Also, he is inconsistent of demonstrations within the U.S.  In the U.S., he is supportive of union demonstrations, but not Tea Party demonstrations.

Glenn showed a video of anti-Qaddafi forces fighting.  Glenn then said that the time to support the uprising is at the beginning when momentum is on their side. 

He then showed a video of Secretary of Defense Gates testifying before congress that a no-fly zone in Libya will require attacks on Libyan assets.  It will also require more airplanes than are available on a single carrier.  Glenn points out that if we do a no-fly zone in Libya, we will be involved in three Muslim countries – in a region that hates us.

Glenn said that he was upset with the NCAA bracket picks because he feels that something is not right.

Where is the leader of the free world?  Right now it isn't President Obama.

Glenn feels that the world is being divvied up and America is being re-aligned with new allies and new friends.

Glenn feels that there is something missing in our response to the situations in Japan.  He gave what he thought the speech should be.  (See more here à ).

In the first six days, Americans have given $64 million to Japanese relief.  But in the first six days after the Haitian earthquake, American gave $210 million.  Glenn hopes that we have not come to believe that charity comes from the government.  He wants Americans to be there for the Japanese so that we can continue to be the America we have always been.  He then asks for donations for Japan via the Red Cross.

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