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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, March 3, 2011

On A Personal Note

Glenn said that in one sense, this job is easy – it’s not like digging ditches.  In another sense, to do your own opinion show, you need to do an awful lot of research.


Glenn held up two books:
  1. Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy
    2. See also a discussion of Eric Bonhoeffer, Lutheran minister in Germany during the 1930s here à
  2. Winston Churchill

Alternate Vision of Reality

Both these men tried to wake up their countries as to what was coming.  Glenn said he was trying to find out where they went wrong and why their message failed to reach their countrymen.  At the end, Glenn concluded that they did not fail.  People just did not want to accept such a harsh vision of reality.  They were not willing to come out of their comfort zone.

Today, people do not want to believe that some people hate America or the Western way of life.  Or, that the uprisings in the Middle East are not just about freedom and liberty; that there might be other motives.

Glenn’s Agenda

For tonight, Glenn’s agenda is to wake police officers up.  He wants police officers to understand unions.

FBI Raid

  • On September 24th, 2010, the FBI raided homes of unionists and leftists. 
  • They were looking for material, per the search and seizure paperwork…
“Providing, attempting and conspiring to provide material support to designated foreign terrorist organizations…”
  • Glenn feels that the unions have been infiltrated and terrorists have been abetted.
  • Union members are being used as shields.

Story – Part 1:  Some of those raided:
  • Joe Isobaker, SEIU Union Steward at the University of Illinois.
    • Twenty-five agents searched his house.
    • Joe is a contributor to the web site FightBackNews, a socialist web site.
    • Joe admits that all they ever did is work against U.S. Military aid.
    • Joe spoke at the International Communist Seminar in Brussels.
      • His speech, “A Report on the Labor Unions”.
    • Joe is also a leader of the New Party, a socialist party now known as The Working Families Party, the union party started by Joe Rodgers.
  • Hattam Habatiah
    • Hattam is the Executive Director of the Arab-American Action Network.
    • This group was founded by Barak Obama’s friend Rasheed Kahlidi.
      • Kahlidi was a PLO operative, pro-suicide bombing and anti-Israel.
      • The Action Network received grant funding from the City of Chicago totaling almost half a million dollars and the Woods Foundation.
        • At one time, Barak Obama was a board member of The Woods Foundation.  Also, Bill Ayres.
  • Maurine Murphy
    • Maurine is the managing editor of The Electronic Infatada, an anti-Israel web site.
  • Tom Burke
    • Tom is a member of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.
      • This group praised the terrorist group FARC.
        • FARC is based in Columbia
        • In Nov 2005, they kidnapped 60 people
        • In Feb 2002, they hijacked a domestic commercial flight.
        • In 1999, they murdered 8 U.S. missionaries in Columbia.
        • FARC has been described as:
“FARC is the leading force in the struggle for national liberation and socialism in Columbia.”
·        Tom was also an Executive Board member and Union Steward in the SEIU.
Some people targeted by the raid formed a group, “Committee To Stop FBI Repression”.  Their web site directs you to another web site,

Solidarity Organizations

Who is in solidarity with StopFBI?  It starts with the AFL-CIO.  Glenn showed a list of supporting organizations, including…
  • Code Pink
  • SEIU
  • Answer
  • Communist Party, USA
  • Bring The Ruckus
    • Bring The Ruckus wants to…
“Forge a path between the leftist vanguard party favored by traditional Marxist parties and the loose network model of organizations favored by many anarchists and activists today.”
·        Bring The Ruckus met with 16 members of Congress.  The common element with these congress people was
o       Their far-left, progressives, socialists views, and
o       They want to transform America.

Radicals are controlling unions and are using teachers, cops and firefighters as shields.
You must know who your friends are.  Know the truth, because the truth has no agenda.

Should You Stand with the AFL-CIO?
·        The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) is asking police to stand with the AFL-CIO in the Madison, WI demonstration.
o       The AFL-CIO held a rally in Washington, D.C., the permit for which was obtained by the International Socialist Organization (ISO).
o       The AFL-CIO logo in Wisconsin looks almost identical to the ISO logo, an upraised, clenched fist with a small star at the wrist.
o       Van Jones spoke at this rally.
§         Van Jones made his name in Oakland, CA with his Bay Area Police Watch.
§         Van Jones also worked for the release of Mumia Abdul-Jamal, a convicted New Jersey cop killer.
§         Later, the Bay Area Police Watch was incorporated into Jones’ Ella Baker Center for Human Rights.
§         Jones also signed a petition against police brutality.
·        This petition was sponsored by the radical Black Panther Collective for Social Progress.
§         Glenn feels that FOP is giving Jones credibility by standing with him on issues.

Van Jones

·        In addition to the above, Van Jones is also involved in a new program for schoolchildren in New York.
·        The program is “Speak Truth to Power”.  Glenn held up the manual.
·        It has been distributed to all high schools in New York State.
·        Glenn discussed the curriculum for Van Jones’ segment. 
o       This segment dealt with police brutality.
o       It included portions of the International Declaration for Human Rights.
o       It calls for students to get personally involved in support of the program.
o       Following the written material is a list of web sites the students are encouraged to visit.  Two were…
§  From the web site…
“Involved in the Waco incident dies a slow and painful death.  These agencies are some of the most dangerous groups of people in America and are a threat to all Americans.  Protect your families (from) them.
If these people can murder innocent women and children, just imagine what they’re capable of doing to your family.  Any law enforcement agency that refused to follow the U.S. Constitution, should be hung by the neck until dead.”
·  From the web site…
“March 15th is F*** Police Brutality Day (All Day)”
“The excuse of a few bad apples is a myth; the tree is rotten.  The institution of policing is itself the problem.  Police systematically use, and grossly abuse the power at their disposal to criminalize and otherwise brutalize queer and trans peoples, communities living in poverty, activists, indigents and radicalized communities.  Those without stature, people living with disabilities, drug users, and those living with mental health issues…2010 was the year of the riots, and 2011 is set to be the year of the insurrection.  Stay tuned for more details as march 15th approaches, and join us in the streets.

·        The AFL-CIO paid for printing the “Speak Truth to Power” manual.

Glenn then laid out on a chalkboard the following..

Radical                        Trusted                           Always                     Unaware
Groups                         Shields                         Somewhere                  Reserves

SDS                                                                                                     Police
Mostlywater                 R.F. Kennedy                                                   Teachers
                                    School for
                                    Justice and                   AFL-CIO
Columbia                      Human Rights

FreeedomRoad            NYSUT
Socialist                        (AFL-CIO Branch)


How it Works

Radical groups work without publicity, outside of public scrutiny.  They then coordinate with the Trusted Shield organizations that have the politically correct public posture and reputation.  Always somewhere in the mix is the AFL-CIO union.  They provide the contact with the Unaware Reserves and organize them, collect dues to finance the operations and be the public face of the public events.

Know and Understand Who You Are Supporting

These groups and the others mentioned above are the groups that police, teachers and firefighters are being asked to stand with and support in Wisconsin and elsewhere.  Those individuals should understand just whom they are getting involved with before they provide their requested support.


  1. I love Beck saying "Radical groups work without publicity, outside of public scrutiny." Is this the criterion for a radical group. What about U.S. foreign policy? When did we approve going into Iraq? (Biggest protest in history!) When Pres. Reagan decided the U.S. energy future would be tied to big oil, who came to those meetings? Were they public? Remember Cheney and his "undisclosed locations?" What was he doing in secret. Maybe the U.S. government is full of radical groups. D'ya think?