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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, March 23, 2011

Good vs. Evil

            GOOD                                                 EVIL

Order   Honor                                                  Chaos    Cheat
Love    Tell the Truth                                        Hate       Lie
Peace   Do the right thing                                Anger      Steal, Revenge

Glenn discussed Good vs. Evil, not Left vs. Right.  Sometimes Evil disguises itself pretty well until you get real close.

He then discussed the demonstrations planned for England for this weekend, with about 100,000 people to attend.  He showed a poster advertising the event showing a giant horse (people power) standing in a crowded square.  The poster called for a cessation of cuts to education.  Their plans are to “strike, take over, occupy and release all hell.”  Glenn asked whether that sounded more like Good or like Evil.

Economic Terrorism

There has been very little media coverage of the labor leader planning to collapse the stock market. 
  • Representative Jason Chaffetz (R ) UT has written Eric Holder asking for an investigation. 
  • The Business Insider did a good job. 
  • The Washington Post had a columnist review this and he reported that there is “much to fear” from Stephen Lerner’s plan.

Glenn noted that Stephen Lerner pushed the administration to appoint Elizabeth Warren to head the Consumer Protection Bureau.  She oversees the Wall Street Reform Bill.  It’s an office in the Federal Reserve so it doesn’t have any authority.  Lerner met with her at the Treasury Department.  Glenn showed a copy of the visitor log for Ms Warren, highlighting Mr. Lerner’s visit..

Stephen Lerner

  1. 4 visits to the White House
  2. Pressed the White House to nominate Elizabeth Warren to head up the Consumer Protection Bureau.
  3. He visited her at the Treasury Department.
  4. One of (if not the) “most important labor leaders” in the country according to an influential writer.
  5. Economic terrorist

Glenn asks who else is getting into the White House?  There was the “9/11 Truther” (Van Jones) and now there is this economic terrorist.  Who else?  Does Elizabeth Warren know about Lerner’s economic terrorism?

Glenn went on to discuss Lerner’s plan.  If we assume that Lerner is right and all our economic problems are due to the banks, what is it they did?
  • The main thing is that they made loans to people who could not pay them back.
  • Acorn demonstrated in favor of minorities and illegals getting those loans.  Glenn showed part of a San Diego Union Tribune article from 2/6/2006…
“Undocumented residents recruited for loans

“…Which uses tax identification numbers instead of social security numbers, is similar to programs run by small lenders…around the country.”

Glenn reviewed the financial crash process where politicians passed legislation to push banks to lend to minorities and others who could not pay for housing loans.  When the housing crash came, many people had to leave their unaffordable (to them) homes.  Now Stephen Lerner is saying that the banks now have the money and the assets they took back and he wants to crash the banks.  Glenn played part of the audiotape of Lerner’s talk at Pace University.  Another portion of the tape…

“There are four things we could do that could really upset Wall Street.  One is, if city and state and other governmental entities demanded to renegotiate their debt because they’re paying too much interest.  And, you might say, well, why would the banks ever do it?  Because cities and counties could say we won’t do business in the future with you.”

Glenn says, in effect, this is the same scheme that brought down the housing industry applied to banks.  It will lead to the same result, a crash.

More of Lerner’s plan…

“We would connect three ideas:  That we’re not broke, there’s plenty of money.  They have the money.  We need to get it back and that they’re using Bloomberg and other people in government as the vehicle to try to destroy us.  And so that we need to take on those folks at the same time.”

Glenn defined “insolvency” to the media.  It means…

“The inability to pay debts as they fall due.”

Glenn then showed videos of other people picking up on this theme.
  • Andy Stern
  • Van Jones
  • Michael Moore


An Al Queda spokesman said about the Libyan situation…

“The Libyan people have suffered at the hands of Gaddafi for more than 40 years…He used the Libyans as a testing ground for his violent, rambling and disgusting thoughts.

“He warned that ‘Retreating will mean decades of harsher oppression and greater instances than what you have endured.”


  • Glenn says that Qaddafi has friends all over the world. 
  • He has about $40 billion socked away in various places.
  • From the Reagan Diary, Aug 3 – Sept 6, 1981
“We have an intelligence report that Quadddaffi has told others he intends to have me assassinated.  It’s a strange feeling to find there is a ‘contract’ out on yourself.”
·        Then he showed several clips of President Reagan discussing Qaddafi.

Economic Freedom
Glenn showed an article from a Maine newspaper, which reported that the town of Sedgwick has declared “Food Independence” from the FDA to allow people to drink milk from local farmers.

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