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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, March 22, 2011

There is an audience today composed of 9/12 Project members.

GOOD             vs             EVIL
Order                              Chaos
Love                                Hate
Peace                              Anger

Glenn asks if anyone gave advice to you growing up to cause chaos, amplify your hate or feel your anger.  No.  But today there are people advocating those things.  Radicals that have been in the White House more than once wish to collapse our economy, turn us against each other, redistribute the wealth and overthrow the government of the U.S.

He has this on tape tonight.

Glenn said he was trying to find a policeman to help evaluate the information they received over the weekend.  He doesn’t trust the Justice Department, the Congress or the Administration.

Economic Terrorism Defined

A labor leader gave an address at Pace University to a select group of attendees.  Glenn feels that this is a plan for economic terrorism.  Economic Terrorism is defined as…
“Varied, coordinated and sophisticated or massive destabilizing actions in order to disrupt the economic and financial stability of a state, a group of states or a society (such as market oriented Western societies) for psychological or religious motives.”

As per the Geneva Center for Security Policy

A Current Domestic Terrorism Case

Glenn discussed a man recently convicted of “conspiracy against the U.S.” for minting his own coins.  Per the prosecution in this case, (the DOJ)

“Attempts to undermine the legitimate currency of this country are simply a unique form of domestic terrorism.

While these forms of anti-government activities do not involve violence, they are every bit as insidious and represent a clear and present danger to the stability of this country…”

The Plan for Economic Terrorism

  • The Left Forum is the largest conference of leftists, progressives, etc. in the country.
  • They held a conference at Pace University this weekend.
  • Glenn played an audiotape of one speaker saying…
    • “We are talking about why unions are so invested because of their pension plans and why ungovernability as Frances Fox Piven and Cloward taught us.  You know poor people’s movements are successful when they create conditions of ungovernability and then you win victories.”
  • Glenn discussed the term ungovernable as being the same as overturning stability in a country – Like Egypt, Greece, Madison, Wisconsin.
  • Stephen Lerner…
    • Former official at the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).
    • He was the Director of the union’s Banking and Finance campaign.
    • That campaign was the one where busloads of union members descended on the homes of targeted banking executives to shout through bull horns, mill around the front door, etc.
    • Glenn’s staff contacted SEIU to determine if Stephen Lerner was still associated with that organization, but without success.
    • Mr. Lerner was identified as part of SEIU in documentation at the conference.
    • He was captured on audiotape saying…
“Unions are almost dead.  We cannot survive doing what we do, but the simple fact of the matter is community organizations are almost dead also and so I think if you think about what we need to do it may give us some direction which is essentially what the folks that are in charge – you know the big banks and everything – what they want is stability.  There are actually extraordinary things we could do right now to destabilize the folks that re in power and start to rebuild a movement.

“For example, 10% of homeowners going back to where you started a quarter o the people who own a home are underwater.  Right their home they are paying more for it then it is worth.  10% of those people are in strategic default, meaning they are refusing to pay but they are staying in their home.  That’s totally spontaneous, right.  They figured out it takes a year to kick me out of my home because foreclosure is backed up.  I’m going to say I won’t pay.  It’s a good business decision.  If you could double that number you would you could put banks at the edge of insolvency again.

“What would happen if we could organize homeowners in mass to do a mortgage strike?  Just say if we get half a million people to agree, we’ll agree we won’t pay our mortgages.  It would literally cause a new financial crisis for the banks, not for us, we would be doing quite well because we wouldn’t be paying.”

Glenn said that later on the tape, Mr. Lerner also discussed the same action with regard to Student loans.  Glenn points out that the TARP was to bring financial institutions back from the brink.  If Mr. Lerner’s plan is successful, all that TARP money will have been wasted.  The entire tape is here à  There is more…

“The folks that control this country care about one thing – how the stock market does.  How the bond market does and what their bonus is.  So I think we need to have a very simple strategy.  How do we bring down the stock market, how do we bring down their bonuses?  How do we interfere with their ability to be rich and that means we have to politically isolate them, economically isolate them and disrupt them.

“A bunch of us around the country think about who would be a really good company to hate.  We decided that would be JP Morgan Chase based here in New York.  And so we’re going to roll out over the next couple of months what will so what we’re looking at is in the first week of May can we get enough people together – we’re starting now – to really have a week of action in New York with the goal of… I don’t want to give details because I don’t know which police agents are in the room, but the goal would be that we would roll our of New York the first week of May.

Glenn did a recap.

The Facts so Far

  1. Influential labor (ties) to SEIU.
  2. (At least) 4 White House visits (Stephen Lerner – can’t get the White House to verify either.)
  3. A visit to the U.S. Treasury Dept (Met with Elizabeth Warren) in December 2010.
  4. Targeting JP Morgan Chase, disrupt New York City (on the tape he talks about ten other states as well.)
  5. Create “Mortgage Strike” to trigger “Financial crisis” (also student loan defaults.
  6. Crash NYSE / “create instability”.

There is more from Mr. Lerner…
“If labor can’t lead but we are a critical part of it we do have money, we have millions of members who are furious.  But I don’t think this kind of movement can happen unless community groups and other activists take the lead and that’s a big reversal of how a lot of these coalitions even thought about it and so labor unions helping community groups or community groups helping us narrowly if we really believe that we are in a transformative stage of what’s happening in capitalism then we used to connect these in a stage of what’s happening in capitalism then we need to connect those in a serious way and develop a real ability to put a boot in the wheel then we have to think not about labor and community alliances, we have to think about how together we are building something that actually has the capacity to disrupt how the system operates.”

Glenn noted that he has been forecasting organized economic disruption and that the people would be “played” and used to help implement those plans.  This is the proof.

Glenn points out that it is impossible for union leaders like Richard Trumpka (President of AFL-CIO) and Andy Stern (former president of SEUI) to not know Mr. Lerner.  And furthermore know what he is planning and to not mention it to the president.

The coin guy goes to jail, shouldn’t the DOJ be interested in this guy?

What Do You Do?

To union members…
·        You don’t want to cause the collapse of the system because many pension plans are heavily invested in the stock market.  If this plan succeeds, you loose big time.
·        Where are you?  Why are you not speaking up?  You must fumigate your organization.

Other Factoids

  • Andy Stern (past President of SEIU) was the number 1 visitor to the White House when Steven Lerner was at SEIU.
  • Richard Trumpka (President of the AFT-CIO) talks to the White House daily and meets at least weekly.
  • Secretary of Labor Solice and V.P. Joe Biden are coordinating with the unions on Madison WI cons.
  • President Obama on the campaign trail boasted of his lifetime of working with SEIU.
  • The DOJ won’t investigate anyone on the left.  Glenn doesn’t expect an investigation.

This plan has already been started to be implemented.  You must inform yourself on this issue and notify others.

9/12 Project
Two years ago, Glenn started the 9/12 Project.  He asks the audience members if they feel the person on the tape was serious about collapsing the system – almost everyone raised their hands.

Emergency Broadcast System (EBS)
Glenn discussed the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS).  This was used during the Cold War to notify TV viewers and radio listeners of a Russian missile attack.  He said a message was initiated in one network station in Washington D.C and went out to other stations.  They, in turn, notified other stations, which then notified others and so on.  He said that to fully notify everyone required about two and a half hours.  Missile flight time over the North Pole is on the order of twelve minutes.

Be Prepared

To be prepared, Glenn recommends…
  1. Food
  2. Know the truth (educate yourself)
  3. Be trustworthy
  4. Be connected – Phone tree
  5. Be visible – April 21st.  He wants everyone to be a flash mob.  He wants local groups to organize and suggests they gather bags of groceries to deliver to those in the unemployment lines.  He also suggests local groups do something monthly.

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  1. It's StePHen Lerner, not Steven Lerner. There is a Steven Lerner that's a member of the White House Council for Community Solutions, but it's not the same guy. I don't know why NOBODY seems to have picked up on this bait and switch yet.