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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, March 29, 2011

George Soros

  • Glenn hasn’t called for opposing voices to be silenced.  He feels that it is better to keep debates in the light of day.  By challenging people, they become stronger.
  • George Soros and his billions are starting, as they describe it, a “sabotage and guerilla war” against all of Fox News. 
  • Glenn asks which is more dangerous to a free republic – a side that wants an open debate or a side that disguises himself, identifying himself as an Open Society while trying to silence all debate.
  • Soros has funded the International Crisis Group (ICG). 
    • Glenn suggests that you look it up and check it out. 
    • It is involved in much of what happens overseas, especially Libya and Egypt.
    • Glenn showed a copy of the June 2008 report “Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood – Confrontational or Integration?” put out by the ICG. 
      • In it, the report called for normalizing relations between the Egyptian government and the Muslim Brotherhood…

“The regime should take preliminary steps to normalize the Muslim Brotherhood participation in political life.”
·        Elsewhere, Soros has called Israel “The main stumbling block”…

“In reality, Israel has as much to gain from the spread of democracy in the Middle East as the U.S. has, but Israel is unlikely to recognize its own best interest because the change is too sudden and carries too many risks.”

·        Soros also said…

“The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the U.S.”

·        Glenn notes that others that feel the same way as Soros are Iran and Al Queda.

Looking at Current Events
Glenn showed a split screen with four Middle Eastern countries in an uproar (Libya, Syria, Lebanon and Tunisia) and asked if we think this will lead to a happier world. 
·        Will it end well, or not so much?
·        Will this be a better end for Israel, or not so much?
·        Will it end well or not so much?
·        He goes with the “Not so Much” answer.

Palestine Timeline
·        Glenn showed a video of Obama at the U.N. giving a speech and saying that within a year (until September 2011), there could be a sovereign state of Palestine.
·        Also, an unnamed diplomat said…

“International recognition of Palestinian statehood appeared unavoidable in September.”

Responsibility to Protect
This doctrine calls for international states to take responsibility for other states behavior to protect people against…
·        Genocide
·        War Crimes
·        Ethnic Crimes
·        Crimes against humanity.

The above was the justification for the Libyan action even though Secretary of Defense Gates said Libya is not a vital interest for the U.S.

1.      Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Prime Minister, called for Israel to stop its massacres.
2.      Abbas said he would give up millions in U.S. aid for unity with Hamas.
3.      Abbas orders draft legislation for the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state to be done within six months (September 2011).
4.      The Norwegian Socialists party is calling for action against Israel.
5.      The Muslim Brotherhood is ready to lead in Egypt/Libya.

In other events…
·        The U.N. is ready for Palestinian statehood.
·        (In last night’s speech on Libya, the President said that the U.S. will turn over operations to NATO on Wednesday.)
·        Today, Tuesday, the U.S. representative to the U.N. said that the U.S. will not turn over Libyan operations to NATO just yet because they have not decided whether to arm the Libyan rebels yet.
·        Samantha Powers, wife of Cass Sunsteen and White House advisor to President Obama, is on TV bragging that Obama triggered the Libyan uprising.  Glenn showed a video of Power discussing how she would deal with Israel.  Portions of her talk are repeated here…
“What we need is…put something on the line…alienating a domestic constituency…investing in the new state of Palestine…a mammoth protection force…pronounced.”

Glenn feels the Responsibility to Protect doctrine worked in Libya and they will try it again with Israel.

Richard Faulk
·        The U.N’s Special Representative on Human Rights in Occupied Palestine Territories
·        Wrote a letter back in 2009 in which he talked about Israel’s war crimes against the Palestinians. 
·        It was contained in an interview from the Institute for Policy Studies
o       Another George Soros group. 
o       This is the same group that begged Obama to rule by Executive Order.
·        The letter said, in part,
“A stronger General Assembly resolution would have set the stage for follow-up enforceable resolutions, possibly including mechanisms or even deploying a cease fire-enforcement or protection force, perhaps based on the Assembly’s own embrace of the protection doctrine known as the Responsibility to Protect.

·        Glenn feels that it is obvious that if you look at the facts where the next shot is headed.
·        Where is the person on the national stage that is standing up for Israel? 
·        Glenn declares that he is standing with Israel and asks where are you?
·        Do you stand with those in the Middle East most like us or those that are teaching to hide, blackmail, rewrite history, people who are trying to destabilize and create fear.
·        Why is the U.S. standing with all those against Israel?
·        Glenn then discussed al litany of actions taken within Muslim nations, e.g., stoning of adulterers, beheading of gays, not allowing women to even drive, etc, etc. versus Israel, the one true democracy in the Middle East.

President’s Speech
·        Glenn showed a montage of portions of the President’s speech on Libya in which he referred to himself, e.g., “I authorized”, “I will not allow”, etc.
·        Glenn said he is confused because he thought that the reason Britain and France were supposed to be in charge in Libya was so that it didn’t look like we are in a 3rd war in a Muslim country. 
·        So why does the President want to take all the credit?
·        Additionally, with healthcare, the President didn’t care what the people thought.  Now, with Libya, he does.

Kill Team Photos
·        Glenn then discussed pictures from the U.S. Army’s Kill Team.
·        Five members posed with the dead bodies of those they had killed. 
·        These photos will make it harder for our troops to so their jobs. 
·        He asked who leaked those photos and why are they being discussed as if all soldiers are doing this?

The Right Thing
Glenn then discussed doing the right thing.  He recommends watching the 12th Imam video on (See here à ).  When the world is heading into chaos, he recommends going towards Faith, Hope and Charity.

He then showed an article from that reported on a Muslim mob attacking a Christian church because the mob felt that the church members were associated with Americans.  Two people were killed.

He then discussed personal responsibility and that people control their own actions.

·        The economists at the International monetary Fund (IMF) have reviewed countries and their debt situations and have determined that five countries can’t add any more debt.  They are…
1.      Iceland
2.      Italy
3.      Portugal
4.      Greece
5.      Japan (calculated prior to the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disasters)

·        The IMF estimates that the U.S. can add debt in the amount of 51% of its GDP or about $7 trillion.
·        The Wall Street Journal reports that…
“Countries that have their own currencies such as the U.S. and the U.K. can devalue their debts through inflation.  Governments can also require or persuade banks, pension funds and other institutions to buy relatively low yielding government debt…”

Cash for Keys
Now the government is talking about cash for keys – up to $21,000 to get people out of houses they can’t afford.  This is after the cash for clunkers and the cash for caulkers programs that both failed.  The cash for keys program, if implemented, will fail as well.

GE Taxes
GE paid no income taxes on $14 billion in profit.  It’s good to be Obama’s friend.

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