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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, March 31, 2011

Satans, Great and Small

A mystery guest today.  He was a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and knows of the Iranian leadership’s plans for Israel and welcoming the Madhi (12th Imam).

Little Value

The man running the world’s largest bond fund says that the US Treasuries have little value.  “Gross Echoes Buffett Saying Treasuries Have ‘Little Value’, Dollar”

Costs Going Up

Warren Buffett also thinks the U.S. dollar is about to tank.
The Wal-Mart CEO says cost increases are coming at an alarming rate, inflation is “Going to be serious” in America.

Significant Food Shortages

The President is calling for decreased oil consumption and increased ethanol use.  This means more corn for cars.  Bloomberg reports…

“We will have inadequate acreage which without spectacularly favorable weather, will usher in a significant food shortage.”  This applies not just to the U.S., but also around the world.

How are we living

We have reached this point because we have been living way beyond our means – not just here but overseas as well.  Now, the people being turned to to fix these problems are the same people that caused the problems in the first place.  And they are enemies of freedom.  They are not honest brokers.

America, the Biggest Obstacle

George Soros said, “America is the biggest roadblock to an Open Society” (borderless, one world government).

Glenn feels many of our politicians in Washington are in bed with the enemy.

Dumb War

An extreme liberal has come out against a war that doesn’t affect the U.S., calling it a “dumb war”.  That was Senator Obama about the Iraq war.  Obama’s poll numbers have been going down whereas traditionally president’s poll numbers go up at the start of a military operation.


Glenn had a timeline on the chalkboard that covered the period between 2002 and today.  On that timeline, he put indicators for significant events he wished to highlight.
  • 2003 – Samantha Power authored “A Problem from Hell”.  (See here à
    • She won a Pulitzer Price for it.
    • Goes to Harvard to teach
  • 2005 – Ms Power is hired as an Obama advisor.
    • The U.N. adopts her doctrine, “A Responsibility to Protect” (against war crimes, genocide, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity”
  • 2006 – 2006 – 2008 Libya hires a PR company, The Monitor Group, for $250,000 per month to improve Libya’s image. 
    • This leads to a contact between Libya and George Soros.
    • They also contact Samantha Power’s husband, Cass Sunsteen.
    • Soros helps Gaddaffi’s son get into the London School of Economics.
    • Soros becomes familiar with Power’s “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine and creates a global center around it.
  • 2008 – Power works on Obama’s presidential campaign.
    • She is fired when she calls Hillary Clinton “A monster”.  She is later rehired.
  • 2009 –Anti-Semitic comments and jokes come from the Obama administration officials.  No one cares.
    • Richard Faulk attempts to use the Power “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine against Israel for “war crimes”.
U.K. Times “Israeli Bombs not self defense”
·        A bit of background on Faulk…
o       He supported the 1979 Iranian revolution.
o       Princeton Low Professor until 2001.
o       Took part in Socialist Scholars Conference in 2003.
o       Appointed to the UN Human Rights Council in 2008.
o       Proposed creation of a “Global People’s Assembly”.

2010 – November – Per the Politico, November 10, 2010
  • “Obama’s NSC meets with Egyptian democracy advocates”
  • The administration to “Review of its policy on democracy in the Middle East, the Egyptian democracy issue in particular.

  • Other democracy groups are in attendance.  Most are funded by George Soros.
  • Samantha Power was also in attendance.
  • Power is seen by the New York Times as the “foremost human rights advocate in the White House.”
  • She has the ear of the President.

2011 Obama uses the Responsibility to Protect doctrine to intervene in Libya.
  • Power claims this as a personal triumph.
  • January 2011 – When Egyptian demonstrations began, President Obama and administration officials acted surprised.
    • Glenn showed a video of Leon Panetta, the head of the CIA, in Congress, saying that the got his news the way the congressmen did, via CNN.
    • Glenn asks why they were surprised when the November 2010 meeting they reported that…

“Stability in Egypt is an illusion and we have to get on the right side of this thing.”  (Politico, Nov 10, 2010)

o       Glenn pulls out a BarBQ propane tank and places it atop his old style TV set.  He says that this gas is the missing link to why the Egyptians demonstrated in January instead of any other time.
o       In Egypt, Butane is used for everything.
o       In December 2009, Wikileaks released a cable from Cairo stating that in January 2011, the Egyptian government planned to ration butane.  A portion of the cable reads…

“The current proposal…thought still in the discussion phase would be to convert the butane subsidy to a voucher system.”

o       In August 30, 2010, the Egypt News reports…

“Egypt’s Minister of Social Solidarity, Ali Al-Mesechi said at a meeting of the ruling national Democratic Party (NDP) on Sunday that butane gas canisters will be sold to the public via coupon starting in January.  The system would be facilitated by the use of new electronic ration cards to ensure that the subsidized commodity would not b hoarded for resale on the black market.”

o       In October 2010, the Al-Ahram Weekly reported that…

“We have found that people are not enthusiastic about the idea of switching for in-kind to cash subsidies because there is a long culture of mistrust between citizens and the government, one that goes both ways.”

o       There were food riots in 2008 and the government had to continue food subsidies for 70% of the population.

o       The reason they were gong to ration gas use was because of the Kyoto protocol.  The Egyptian government chose this means as the way to meet their carbon reduction goals agreed to at Kyoto.

o       Knowing all this, is it reasonable that the administration was surprised?  Glenn says that you have to decide.

Ancient Books

  • Glenn discusses a discovery in Jordan of 70 small books with lead pages held together with wire. 
  • They were found in a cave known to have been inhabited by early Christians after the fall of Jerusalem. 
  • These may be the “sealed books” mentioned in the Bible’s Book of Revelations.

Anti-Christ vs. the 12th Imam
Glenn then compares the Anti-Christ in the Book of Revelations with the Muslim’s 12th Imam.  There are a number of similarities…
  • Kills Jews/Christians
  • Rules for seven years.
  • Peace with Israel/Breaks peace.
  • Global seat – Temple Mount
  • Kills/beheads non-believers
Mark of beast
Jesus returns

To prepare for the return of the 12th Imam, the world has to be awash in blood.


Kahlili – In Iran he heard stories of the coming of the 12th Imam and the destruction of Israel.  The government has released a video.

Eric – This video is a window into the mind of the Iranian regime.
The uprisings in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc, is seen by the regime as signs that the return of the 12th Imam is near.

The video identifies Ahmenijhad as the general leading the Muslim armies to conquer Jerusalem, a prerequisite for the 12th Imam’s return.

Glenn - Leftists are using people they feel are ridiculous (because they are religious) to create instability, but those people are dangerous.

Eric – I agree.  Leftists and Islamic fundamentalists both want to destroy and overthrow the Western, Judeo-Christian societies.  In the eyes of the Iranian regime, America is seen as the Anti-Christ.

Glenn – These people are serious even if you don’t agree with their philosophy.

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