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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, December 9, 2010

The Revolution is now.

(Throughout today’s program, Glenn appeared agitated and nervous.)

Do your homework.

Wikileaks is huge, but it is only a piece.

Radicals are in the government.  They are about to take off their masks.  They know change is coming and they want total control.

The new federal budget has lots of money for new regulations, but the military got the smallest raise in 50 years.

Media Reform
  • Robert Machesney, founder of the organization Free Press, says media reform is needed before revolution.
  • A video clip dated Sept 28th, 2010 shows Van Jones.  He said that during his time at the White House, he saw that there are official channels of power and unofficial channels of power.  They did not fully appreciate these unofficial channels - racial, media, etc.  This is the next frontier.
  • Mark Lloyd, FCC Commissioner discussing Hugo Chavez’s revolution.  He said that Chavez’s revolution would not have happened without control of the media.
  • The government union is now boycotting Glenn’s program as well as those of John Stossel and Rush Limbaugh.

This is the year that superpower status was transferred from the US to China.

We must know our history and traditions if the country is to remain free.  A clip of Michelle Obama was shown with her saying that we need to change our conversations, our traditions and our history.

Operation Payback
  • Hackers striking back in support of Wikileaks.
  • Wants to be “force for chaotic good”.

Glenn then showed a clip from England of rioters attack the Prince of Wales’ car.

He showed a list of logs of many groups that have come out in support of Julian Assange.  Many also supported the 10/2 rally.  They included:
    • Socialist Alliance
    • World Socialist Web Site (
    • Socialist Party USA
    • And many others

He showed a quote from Assange saying that:

“It is not our goal to achieve a more transparent society, it’s our goal to achieve a more just society.”  The objective is to cause the US to “lock down internally and balkanize”.

Glenn said that it is not about more communication, it is about less communication.

He then showed pictures of many prominent politicians that are in favor of “shutting down” Julian Assange, both Democrats as well as Republicans.

In the crisis ahead, it is important not to react as they expect.  They feed on fear and violence.

Wikileaks will be used as an excuse to control the Internet.

Life will be changing in American.

Arianna Huffington
  • Glenn showed a clip of her advocating Glenn as they would someone yelling “Fire” in a crowded theatre.
  • But, she supports Wikileaks.
  • Both Glenn and Wikileaks charge that the government is lying, but only Wikileaks is favored.  Why?
  • Glenn feels that it is because he does not support their cause and Julian Assange does,

Glenn then recommended two books that people become familiar with and for them to also expose their children and grandchildren to them as well.  They are…

He referred to George Washington’s first medal, the badge of Merit.  This badge ultimately became today’s Purple Heart Medal.

The program was continued on the Internet after the end of the hour.

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