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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, December 8, 2010

Forbes Magazine recently had an article on George Soros.  In the article, Mr. Soros said that Glenn Beck/Fox News would lead to a dictatorship in this country.

Glenn said that if he wanted to take over the country, he would do the following…
  • Take over the financial sector
  • Take over health care
  • Take over industry
  • Control the military
  • Grow the number of dependents
  • Control the media
  • Control food prices
  • But this seemed to be the strategy of George Soros and the progressives.

Robert Lenzer
·        He is the writer of the article on George Soros in Forbes.
·        He also wrote in the Huffington Post another article entitled “In Defense of George Soros”.
·        He also publishes a blog.  In that blog, he also wrote…
§         Invest like George Soros
§         He commented on Glenn’s attention on Soros.
§         Calls Soros a “Significant Philanthropist”.

One statement in the Forbes article on Soros stated that Glenn “falsely vilified” Soros.  Glenn wants either a public apology from Forbes or proof.

“Unified Quest 2011”
  • Is a US Army war game scenario.
  • The scenario it attempts to deal with is civil unrest here in America.
  • Glenn showed a photo of AK National Guard practice drilling for civil unrest.
  • A participating protestor in the picture was holding up a sign saying “FOOD NOW”.
  • Glenn reminded viewers that he has been calling attention to food price rises for some time now.

Topic Responses
  • On the chalkboard, Glenn listed three topics.
  • For each topic, there was an entry for Glenn and one other person.
  • He wrote down some adjectives that have been used to describe himself and the different adjectives specified for the others.
  • For advocating the same position, Glenn’s adjectives were harsh and negative whereas the adjectives for the other person noted were positive and laudatory.
  • Topics were…
    • Buy Gold
    • The government is lying
    • Food price increases

Glenn asked rhetorically that the government would not do some of the coercive things that have been mentioned?
  • Gun confiscation
    • He showed a video clip of an old woman in post Katrina, New Orleans being violently subdued by armed policemen.
    • This included throwing her against a wall.
    • They took her gun, which she did not want to give up.
    • Two days later, she was robbed at gunpoint.
  • Council of Governors
    • Created by President Obama
    • Composed of selected state governors and the President
    • The purpose of the council was the Coordination of state and federal military activities inside the United States.

  • A Russian power agency has purchased 50% of a US uranium processing plant.
  • Russia and the US are to cooperate on smart grid technology and will implement similar projects.

As mentioned on a previous program, Fanny Mae owns a patent to control electrical outlets in your home.  When asked what it was for, they were told that it was to keep unauthorized vacuum cleaners from being plugged into an electrical socket.

Glenn asked where all the communists went after the Soviet Union fell.  Many, or most of them became “Democratic Socialists”.  These are the same groups that today support Julian Assange of Wikileaks fame.

Richard Trumpka
  • Head of the AFL/CIO Union
  • The AFL/CIO is now organizing college students.
  • He showed a video clip of a boss haranguing two workers to get to work or he will be unable to meet schedule.  The two didn’t budge and the boss stalked off, throwing down his hard hat in disgust.  Another worker entered the picture and touted the protections a union could provide the two workers.

The Daily Caller Reported
  • At some college campuses, students were being steered to food stamps. 
  • This was pitched as just another form of financial aid.
  • Appears to be another attempt at using the Cloward/Piven strategy of overstressing the system until collapse.

  • An international socialist youth organization
  • Oriented towards college students.

Glenn thought that this was part of a strategy to mold young people.  To counter that, parents and grandparents would need to become more active to counter those influences.

Radicals have infested the unions, the educational establishment and the highest levels of government.

If our children don’t know our country’s history and that they are being used, freedom will disappear from our society.

Wilmington, OH
  • Glenn’s show on Dec 15th will originate from there.
  • He invites everyone to go there and do their Christmas shopping.
  • He read a letter from a man who visited Wilmington
    • He had some tragedies in his life over the last years.
    • He heard about Wilmington from one of Glenn’s programs.
    • He drove over 600 miles to see the town for himself.
    • While there he patronized a number of stores.
    • He also volunteered at the soup kitchen.

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