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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, December 30, 2010

This program is a rerun of the episode that first ran on Decmber 20.  The notes from that program are contained below.

The theme for today is the history of revolution.

Glenn discusses the revolutions started by George Soros.
  • He began in Poland to oust the communists.
  • He then went to Czechoslovakia
  • He has accomplished revolutions in four countries in all.
  • He is now focusing on the United States.

George Soros 5 Steps to Accomplish a Revolution
  • Step 1 – Form a shadow government.  Use humanitarian aid as a “cover” (in a video taped interview, Soros terms it “subversive activities”)
  • Step 2 – Control the Airwaves – Control existing radio and TV stations or create new ones.
  • Step 3 – Destabilize the State – Weaken the government.  Build anti-government sentiment among the people.  Take advantage of economic or other crisis.
  • Step 4 – Provoke an Election Crisis – Claim voter fraud. 
  • Step 5 – Take Power – Take power.  Use radio and TV assets to coordinate the people’s demonstrations.  Stage massive demonstrations.

Step 1 Form Shadow Government
  • Soros’ main group is OSI, the Open Society Institute.
  • He funds this organization to the tune of one half billion dollars per year.
  • He chose one of the founders of the 1960s radical group, the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) to head up OSI.

Step 2 – Control the Airwaves
  • $1.8 million donated to NPR to hire an additional 100 reporters.
  • $1.0 million to Media Matters which promised to get Glenn and all of Fox News off the air.

Step 3 – Destabilize the state
  • OSI funds the Tides Foundation.
    • Tides prepares educational material for schoolchildren such as “The Story of Stuff”.
    • Tides also funds the Apollo Alliance, which wrote the stimulus bill.
    • Tides also funds the Center for American Progress.
    • It also finds the Institute for Policy Studies.  One of their recent recommendations was for President Obama to bypass Congress and issue Executive Orders instead.

Step 4 – Provoke Election Crisis
  • OSI funds Acorn
  • OSI funds SoS, the Secretary of State Project. 
    • The objective of this project is to finance Secretary of State elections in various states. 
    • The Secretary of State certifies election results. 
    • They can affect close elections, e.g., Al Frankin in MI.
  • The Tides Foundation funds One America Votes.  This organization sent illegal aliens to encourage people to get out the vote in the last election.

Step 5 – Take Power – Stage demonstrations
  • They are about to come.
  • We have already seen the One Nation Rally.
  • Glenn showed the vide clip of him unrolling a list of Soros funded organizations that took about 30 feet of paper.  That amounted to about half the organizations he and his staff know about.

Cloward and Piven
  • Started in the 1960s.
  • Both were professors at Princeton.
  • Their approach was to flood the system with impossible demands so the system would collapse.
  • Created the National Welfare Rights organization to lobby congress.  They organized violent protests during the 1960s.
  • Wade Rathkey was an organizer for the NWR.  He later went on to found Acorn.
  • These demonstrations scared American officials to increase these government payouts.
  • They researched the communist organization and how they organized their activities.
  • They modeled their approach on what they learned from those studies.
  • Obama
    • Lived in New York City between 1983 and 1985. 
    • He attended a series of Socialist Scholars Conferences there. 
    • One conference was held at the Cooper Union building in 1983.
    • That conference was addressed by Francis Fox-Piven.

Weather Underground
  • 1960s radicals, 1970s terrorists.  Now helping to run the country.
  • They wrote about destroying imperialism from within.
  • In a document dated June 18, 1969, their suggested approach was…
    • The Goal was to kill the capitalist system and replace it with world socialism.
    • Step 1 – Create a united front against imperialism (another term for capitalism) and the development of a new democracy.
    • Step 2 – Develop out of the new democratic stage, socialism.
  • Jeff Jones
    • Co-founded the Weather Underground.
    • Currently heads up his own consultancy organization.
    • His firm helps New York state distribute Stimulus Funds.
  • Bill Ayres
    • Co-founded Weather Underground with Jeff Jones
    • Served with Barak Obama on the Woods Foundations.
    • Hosted Obama’s political career in Chicago with a meeting in his home.
  • Bernadine Dorn
    • Wife of Bill Ayres
    • Currently an Associate Professor of Law at the Northwestern School of Law
  • Their approach is to go after young people.
  • Included as part of the 1969 Manifesto.

  • Keeps the socialist community organization radicals outside of his administration.
  • They have a name for this.  They call it the “Inside-Outside” strategy.
    • This strategy calls for the outside organizations to demonstrate and protest at businesses, local, state and federal legislator’s offices, etc.
    • You also have someone within the administration that does not use the hardball tactics or the same extreme language to coordinate with the outside organizations.
    • The insiders posture as moderates, that listen to all sides, etc, and play the “Good” cop in the “Good Cop-Bad Cop” approach.
  • The Midwest Academy
    • Founded and run by SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) veterans.
    • They funded Obama, trained Obama and sponsored Obama’s career.
    • They are still coordinating the Obama strategy for
      • Financial Reform
      • Health Care Reform
      • The Federal Budget
    • Heather Booth
      • Founder of the Midwest Academy
      • Is head of Americans for Financial Reform, the key lobbying organization backing the Financial Reform bill in congress.
      • Her husband helped found SDS.
      • Glenn showed a video clip of her attending an Acorn event.
  • Center for American Progress
    • Many programs of Obama’s administration originate at the Center.
    • The Center is funded by George Soros.
    • Their next project is educational reform.
      • Part of those recommendations include cutting
        • American History
        • Studying the Constitution
        • Economic and Financial Literacy

  • The NEA (National Educational Association) recommended reading includes…
    • Saul Alinsky, The American Organizer
    • Reveille For Radicals, (by Saul Alinsky)
    • Rules for Radicals, (by Saul Alinsky)

Glenn recommends keeping schools under local control with parental involvement.

Young people hold up revolutionaries as being “cool”.
§        Che
o       Talked about being a killing machine after Castro took over.
o       Castro placed Che in charge of a prison.
o       At that prison, 2,000 people were executed without due process.
§        Castro
o       Firing squads executed pregnant women.
o       His Coast Guard machine-gunned rafts with women and children trying to escape the island.
o       Wanted to destroy New York City on two occasions.
§         With nuclear Russian missiles
§         With 500 kilos of TNT placed in Grand Central terminal and stores during a busy shopping day.
§        Mao
o       Set up a Chinese Gulag.
o       Stated, “We are prepared to sacrifice 300 million Chinese for the victory of the world revolution.”
o       Scholars estimate between 16.5 million – 40 million died in the “Great Leap” famine.
o       Well over 70 million deaths in peacetime.
§        Anita Dunn
o       White House Communications Director. 
o       Showed a video clip of her saying how she reveres Mao.
§        Valerie Jarrett
o       Close advisor of Obama
o       Showed a clip of her discussing how they had followed Van Jones sine he became active in Oakland.

Glenn discussed the Founding Fathers as revolutionaries of their time.  He also showed current revolutionaries in and out of the administration.  He feels that there can only be one group of revolutionaries that will succeed in the end.

In the current administration, Van Jones called for a new system to replace capitalism.  Various video clips were shown of him making several presentations calling for this.

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