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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, December 15, 2010

This program originates from Wilmington, Ohio.  It’s being televised from the local theatre with the audience made up mostly of residents of Wilmington.

Glenn starts by introducing the audience at large to America. 

He then begins to discuss Christmas.  Christmas is believing, but in what?

Me mentioned Rabbi Daniel Lapin, who has been a guest on the show several times, and how much the Rabbi has taught him about the Old Testament.  Glenn wants to learn about the whole thing from the Rabbi.

In Hebrew, the word love has, as it’s root, “I give”.

Glenn noted that he has been to Ohio a number of times and on his last book tour shook hands with about 5,000 – 6,000 people there.  He tried to look each person in the eye while doing this and noted that about 30% of the people would look away.  Not his trip.  This trip, people are not looking away as they once did.  Something is happening in Ohio.

This country can be like Europe or it can be like Wilmington.

Last year, the Sixty Minutes program visited Wilmington and the program focused on the massive layoffs and was petty depressing.  Glenn’s program is focusing on the aftermath of the layoffs, what has happened since and how the town is coping.

He then discussed his arrival in town and the places he visited and shared stories about each. 
  • At the pizza parlor, there were people there from all over the country and the place was still going strong hours after it’s normal closing time of 10:00 PM. 
  • At the hotel, the owner talked about how she bought the hotel on a handshake.
  • Across the street at the prayer room he discussed what they did there.
  • At the food pantry, they previously had to pray for food to go on the shelves daily.  Now, there is enough food for six months.

Glenn’s Four Miracles – Glenn discussed what he feels are four miracles that have happened while he has been in town.
    1. Two young men were in the audience.  They were both liberals and Glenn noted that there was probably little that he and they would agree on politically, but both parties were sincere about helping Wilmington recover and grow as a town.
    2. Glenn met a man in line during his book tour and the man related that this is his “First Christmas”.  He spoke about how he lost his wife to illness and was depressed for a long time.  He decided to put that painful experience behind him and restart his life, and this is the first Christmas in that new life.
    3. A man related how his business burned down.  He was contacted by a resident of Wilmington who heard of his situation, had a facility that met his needs and they struck a deal.  The man reopened his business there in Wilmington.
    4. Glenn met a family whose son had to wear hearing aids, as his hearing is only about 40% of normal.  Just prior to Glenn’s departure to come to Wilmington, he attended a meeting during which people were discussing their new hearing improvement procedure.  Glenn will be getting these people together to see what can be done for the boy.

For more information, go to Glenn’s web site,

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